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You gotta love our legal system: even when you think it's over, even when a jury of peers has decided, it really isn't.
Can we get a clarification as to what each side means by "warranty"? I've heard from other posters who actually live in the EU that Apple's warranty + Apple Care is much better than the auto EU warranty.
Thank you.
Why am I on your "banned" list?
Yep, that seems to be their agenda.Will this matter to Google that much? The majority of Google's mobile revenues come from iOS, no?
I believe they were spun off in 2002.Also, aren't they owned by Creative now?
  And which product launches would you be referring to...?   You must mean the iPad mini.   I mean, the iPhone 5.   I mean, the new iPad.   There's just so many stumbles to pick from.
Ok, I'll take the bait. It's early.Apple is getting worse? Really? By what measuring stick? Wouldn't a better argument be that Apple is stagnant while its competition grows? I'd disagree with that, but it would be defensible.Which product cycle did they whiff on? The iPad? The iPhone 5? The iPad mini? Perhaps you're talking about the Mac, which is a small fraction of their business, and one that was down for a single quarter due to supply constraints.What haven't they...
I understand what you're saying, but WebKit is not a browser, nor is it proprietary, so it is unfair to compare it to IE6. WebKit is not controlled by anyone person. It is a rendering engine, and various WebKit browsers can be greatly different.Do you think HTML has a monopoly that is harming consumers or that will cause stagnation? Nonsense. Similarly, there is room for much competition between the various flavors of WebKit. For instance, look at how Safari and Chrome,...
At times like this, it's so nice having a resident legal scholar in our midst.
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