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If Apple knew is irrelevant. When you purchase a phone from Apple, they warrant that it will work for at least a year. That's it. That's their promise. By purchasing it, you are saying you are ok with that promise.
The thing I've never understood about JCP is how they're trying to position themselves. They're not high end, and they're not the bargain bin. What are they? They're not communicating it to me. Lets look at competitors. Walmart (which sells clothes and many similar items) is clearly the bargain bin. Kohls is basically the same. Target is tells me they are different and a little better, but still affordable. Macy's is "high end". Where is JCP? Are they trying to be...
Also, if you select the "censored" text and hit copy and paste it elsewhere, the entire message will paste. So the content is still there, just not displaying.
Google isn't the one creating the report, therefore it stands to reason that ALL flavors of Android (note I'm saying Android, which is open source, not Google Android) is grouped together under the "Android" umbrella.If you really think the Kindle and Nook, two of the more popular "android" tablets, are in the small other category, I think you're being purposely obtuse.
Let me guess: of these "numbers", only Apple is the one with real, released numbers.
You keep referring to EV as the metric which Apple should be measured. Are you planning a takeover? EV, calculated in the manner you are using, is for when you're planning on BUYING A COMPANY.That's why you add in debt and subtract cash from your valuation. Why?Because if you're paying market price for a company, you also have to add in the debts a company has, as you will now be on the hook for those. If a company has a market price of $100 and has $50 in debt, the...
It's a good thing Apple releases their internal information to the IDC so we know we can trust their figures.
You want Forstall back, the guy responsible for Maps and who Jony Ive can't stand?Apple is being led by veterans.
Likely in whatever developer agreement was signed, you agreed that Apple had the exclusive right to remove or reevaluate your app at any time for any reason.Just like Best Buy likely reserves the right to remove an item from its product shelves.
You're held up on the name indicating which generation it is, as if the iPhone 5 meant "the 5th iPhone", which it doesn't, any more than the iPhone 3G meant "the 3rd iPhone" or "iPhone, 3rd Gen".You think people would be more confused if Apple went from the 4S to the 6?The number indicates the model, not the generation.Personally, I'd wish the Apple would drop the numbering sequence and just call it the "iPhone (sixth generation)" or "iPhone (mid 2013") like they do for...
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