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You want Forstall back, the guy responsible for Maps and who Jony Ive can't stand?Apple is being led by veterans.
Likely in whatever developer agreement was signed, you agreed that Apple had the exclusive right to remove or reevaluate your app at any time for any reason.Just like Best Buy likely reserves the right to remove an item from its product shelves.
You're held up on the name indicating which generation it is, as if the iPhone 5 meant "the 5th iPhone", which it doesn't, any more than the iPhone 3G meant "the 3rd iPhone" or "iPhone, 3rd Gen".You think people would be more confused if Apple went from the 4S to the 6?The number indicates the model, not the generation.Personally, I'd wish the Apple would drop the numbering sequence and just call it the "iPhone (sixth generation)" or "iPhone (mid 2013") like they do for...
Quick question. Did you type this on your iMac 7?
I agree. I more think Google is potentially guilty of inflating its own ranks, and am specifically referring to the whole Google+ thing from a while back.The potential for abuse is too high, proof or not, and Google really needs to be split into a Search Company and a Services Company.
By "monopoly" I think most people refer to antitrust laws, which can apply when you get around 70% market share. So yes, they could legally speaking have a "monopoly".In reality, very few companies every have a total monopoly. But the laws aren't written just to protect a total monopoly.
I doubt this was an actual conspiracy, but it does seem like Google always makes sure its own products or services appear high on its rankings. I think this is a conflict of interest and abuse of market power, and should raise antitrust concerns. This is just the latest example where Google makes sure its service is ranked higher than a competing one.
Just because we don't hear about "Apple labs" or because Apple doesn't run yelling about whatever stupid project they're working on doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
I'm just LOLing right now. Thank you for making my evening.
That's a nice race card you pulled there.
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