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 He may be right that "some" were sold to channel, but he has no way of coming up with the number. Conveniently, his estimate of channel stuffing is the difference between reality and his estimates. Go figure. These guys are all morons. They have less credibility than my cat.
This post is genius.
 Dumb post is dumb. Sorry.
 I think the complaints are twofold: 1) Many markets are not subsidized, so the full price of ~ $550 USD is viewed as expensive. 2) In subsidized markets, there's only a $100 difference between the 5C and 5S, so why would anyone buy the 5C? Both have some truth, but are overreactions. The iPhone 5C is still a high-end phone, is viewed as a status symbol, and these "emerging markets" also have an emerging middle class (likely where most of the profit will be). Also, Apple...
 Pretty much all consumer electronics are made elsewhere these days. A few are *assembled* in the U.S. but that's it.
 In this case, yes, yes I would.
 Nope, just the phone. I ordered at 2:30am CDT on launch day. EDIT: But thank you for scaring me, I just had to double check.
Mine should be arriving today. Got the tracking info. Much better than the 10/10 delivery I was promised.
 The 5C cases are brilliant, although I would have liked an oblong hole so "iPhone" can be seen, and not just "hon". But other than that... it's truly brilliant how the slight bit of color can be seen on the front, just a sliver of a border.
 I disagree with this, the "Plastic Perfected" case hearkens back to the glory days of the great iPod commercials. It's just so fun. I don't mind two different approaches.  I have yet to see a 5S commercial on TV. Seen a dozen 5C ones.
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