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I'm generally on the side of the plaintiff.  I've taken several computers with problems to Apple, with Apple Care or under warranty, only to have them replace the defective parts with refurbs, regardless of the the age of the product.  One "fully-tested" refurb motherboard destroyed an external FW disk due to a defective controller--a problem readily found at the Genius Bar with Apple diagnostics.  One time Apple replaced the screen on a laptop with a screen with an...
I don't understand the notion that there's a non-existent market for 4" iPhones.  Apple has sold more than 500,000,000 iPhones of just such a screen size, or smaller.  Are all those people wrong?  Or were they just blindly doing what Apple told them?  What if just 10% of them think that 4" is about the right size for a phone screen?  Does Apple need them as customers? Apple is certainly hedging its bets on the larger screens.  This is only time in iPhone history that the...
Nothing on a United flight is free. I believe the catch here is that WiFi isn't free.
"the less profitable iPhone 5c" This sounds like something that an analyst would say. There's no reliable data on what Apple's costs for the 5c and the 5s are. There are some estimates, but neither the A6 nor the A7 is available to anyone else, nor is tearing down the phone exactly the same as building it.
Bidding now at $155,000.  I calculate a day of Tim Cook's time is worth $155K/0.75*8=$1.653M, and a year at 225*$1.653M=$372M, almost exactly what Apple paid Tim Cook last year.
  Perhaps you're not thinking through the financial implications of a self-driving car.  Self-driving cars are the end of car manufacturers.  If my iPhone is driving my car, I don't care how well it accelerates.  If my iPhone is driving my car, I don't care how well it takes corners, because the car can slow down to whatever speed is dictated by the terrain and conditions for cornering.  If my iPhone is driving my car, then the car isn't really an extension of me; the car...
Maybe this forecast is right.  It says that Apple will sell 215,000,000 iPads in 2017.  With an ASP of $650 and 30% margins, that's $42B in profit.
          QFT.  Austin is a good place for tech companies because of the University of Texas.  UT exists because of the Texas state government, which, it turns out, needs revenue to operate.  Apple and every other company should be happy to contribute, and if Apple's plans call for extensive building of public facilities, Apple should pay for those.  
Thank you for posting this history. The LA Times has written about the disappearance of Blenheim apricots from cultivation:http://articles.latimes.com/2010/jun...watch-20100625 I know that this post is central to the topic of this thread.
This isn't correct. The reason that AAPL can't be added to the Dow is that the Dow is a simple sum of prices of the 30 stocks, not a weighted average. Apple's share price is so high that it can't be substituted for an existing Dow stock without raising the average by several hundred points and then having an overweighted influence on the average going forward.
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