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Microsoft's Surface is vapor ware.  It doesn't exist.  How can the writer include market share number by mentioning products not even on the market.  Today, as far as I know, no one has even tested one beyond Microsoft.  Yet, it is going to take over the world.  Excuse me
While it seems fashionable to report rumors ... here's a key question. Why would Apple even want to offer a smaller screen that is even more challenging to type on with the virtual screen... Just because Amazon and Google are offering something in the smaller format?   Look at true costs, all the extra parts, the marketing, etc.  Apple is scheduled to bring forth the iPhone 5 ... why impact that introduction with a non-profitable product like a 7" tablet that the...
The quality of the screen is spectacular as is the graphics perforance ... and ties into 1080p imaging to combine with iTV for wireless Airplay interfacing with existing most TVs.battery is same hourly rate, but is 70% more capacity to do so.Reason is 4x more pixels and much more demanding ... thus 4x the GPU performanceplus 1 gig of Ram vs 512 in previous iPad models.Also the camera is much better ... approx the same as in iPhone 4sAlso added a new dictation feature with...
If they are still on dial-up perhaps they are still using old Mac that won't even run ML
One issue (we need to remember) Apple is moving in a direction to eliminate optical drives. (sure you can always buy an external one for this one time use ... or maybe a DVD to watch a movie to old way (not streamed). The world is going wireless and mobile. Though, the Mac will remain on the desktop, and of course sync with iCloud with all its goodies. Note, Core2 duo, integrated graphic of 950 and 3100 are considered obsolete and ML won't talk to them. Too slow and...
Nice viewpoint, but your older hardware still runs on Snow Leopard, and perhaps even Lion. Just not Mountain Lion. Your stuff still works ... you just can't expect all the new bells and whistles the latest hardware can cope with.
My son works in IT and he just got a new HP laptop with Windows 7. He is having all kinds of fun (frustration really) trying to interface with '97 programs that won't work period on the Windows 7 API Many companies were still using IE6 ... crappy browers ... full of malware holes ... many didn't upgrade til MS forced their hand. They don't upgrade unless forced to in many instances. We all have opinions though don't we.
All we have to do is look at the vintage of the Intel graphics integrated chip series. The 950 and 3100 series are not good enough anymore. Intel was never really great in graphic anyway. It is truly no surprise the new Mountain Lion OS is not supporting ancient hardware.
I see that you post a lot ... I would help us all if you were supportive of reality.
You might also add a better camera and Siri Assistant software capability built in. If you are going to upgrade over iPad2, give it a good kick start... plus there is also perhaps a double life battery involved. The graphics support will be maybe 20 times better that iPad.
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