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 A high-end traditional watch manufactured by craftsman can last for decades and is something that can be cherished.   Will a 2 year old Apple Watch manufactured by overworked Chinese assemblers have the same longevity and lasting appeal?  Today, I would say no.   I'm not convinced that a traditional high-end watch and the Apple Watch are competing in the same space.   I think Apple is trying to create a new Beats-type market for smart watches. I have yet to see this...
20 million units?  That is a fairly large number for a device we know very little about but costs a whole lot of money.
 Thank you for replying.  But dude.  You went off on the deep end with this paragraph...
That is a pretty nice policy...   Do certain European consumers have the ability to return video games, movies, DVD's, and physically boxed software once opened for a full refund?
 Not even remotely accurate.
I don't find it hard to believe at all.  Most IT departments still hate Apple. 
 Exactly my point.   Put 2 gigs of memory in an iPad Air 1 and I bet real world performance will be similar to an iPad Air 2.  But since you can't it's a moot point.
 I think the iPad Air 1 was much more of an upgrade to the iPad product line than the current Air 2 offering...  We all figured Touch ID was coming.   We all figured it would be thinner (almost always is).  We all figured it would the A8.  We all figured it would be slightly lighter.  Etc.   The batter capacity is lower than Air 1.  Not sure why you think it is such a great update...
If current iPad's are on a sales decline, it won't be too surprising.  Neither the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Mini 3 were very good upgrades.
   Am I the only one who thinks the interface shown was simply a place-holder interface that resembles the current iOS platform.  With a device not even shipping for at least 3+ months, that is a lot of time for the copy cats to hack together a very similar looking interface in that time.    I think the interface shipping on the final product will be considerably different.
New Posts  All Forums: