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Will preorder the Nexus 4 the second I can. Amazing device.
You know it's bad when the only 2 things they can market in this ad are the keyboard and the kickstand.   Off to a bad start already. This device is already dead in the water.
Confirmed for purple flare. Been doing some testing myself as you can see
....they don't.
It's not about that though.    It's about Apple being selfish and putting the company before their users over a cat fight / competition with Google. Which they usually do NOT do.    There are others ways they could have gone about this. Such as releasing Apple's maps as an opt-in service so they can crowd source the data while at the same time have something stable, reliable, and full featured for the rest of the public to use.   Win-win.
I don't see the problem with Passbook. It's better than having a separate app for each loyalty card / gift card etc   It would be more useful w/ NFC payments but that could happen with the 5S, who knows?
And I'm sure you don't remember all 2,695 of your comments.    As for my comment, that still stands. The injunction against the Galaxy Nexus was overturned last I checked.
I don't even know what you're talking about anymore. 
For someone like me who was considering an iphone for a future phone, it's a big enough deal for me not to get it.   You must not understand the importance of mapping / gps features in a smartphone. People rely and depend on it.   Also not sure what's up with the ridiculous quantities of "LOL  LOL  LOL  " in all of your posts. It speaks to your personality though.
At least Google's service has features.
New Posts  All Forums: