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Why release it if it's not even finished yet? There was no need to rush.    
    The problems aren't just with Flyover. Traffic data and navigation accuracy is really poor.
          Cross your fingers for Google Maps to publish their own app. 
I really hope Google publishes their own 3rd party app for Google Maps on the iPhone. It's so much better than the current Apple one. And yes I'm talking about the ios6 one
  lol wut
So glad the Android version of this app is incredible.   Amazing UI and can even preload my videos for whatever channel
Embarrassing. Don't know how else to put it.
Main street through town? There are street view images of back country roads in the farm country here in Oregon and out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.
Apple is doing their best to burn bridges with Google. That's why you'll never seen street view in apple's maps.   And yeah, this is one of my big reasons for sticking with Android. Mapping is far superior. 
Implying Apple is going to make EITHER of those features come to their iOS maps.   They already stated they won't do transit, and I'm sorry but I haven't seen apple cars driving around my city mapping everything with cameras.
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