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Read my previous post again. Phones are not for making music. I don't care who you are. They're toys when it comes to making music. And what does an awful "music app" have to do with the superbowl ad again?
link? It says nothing about the Note on their website. All I can see are the articles criticizing Apple for being greedy with iBooks
Implying real musicians make music on an iphone Implying any of that BS can't be done on any Android Implying this device has lag. Implying Apple has made tons of attack ads before Oh you.
Keep in mind the author of the article has never touched the device. Also it's on Apple Insider, of course it will be simply wrong. And yes, we know the iphone wasn't the first touch screen phone. At least I sure hope most of them know
iPhone defense squad. I wonder if he gets paid. Too bad everyone in this thread isn't even open minded enough to try this device. It's had amazing reviews, battery life is incredible, and it's ridiculously fast (4G and benchmarks). It's only too big if you're wearing your little sister's pants
Why is everyone here so butthurt? Not even sure why this news was posted here. It's an incredibly successful phone. Get over it. 700,000 sold just in South Korea and it just launched there recently. Spec-wise it's also the best phone on the market.
This is why we can't have nice things. I really hope the pricing never changes. I'm considering buying the ipad 3 (my first Apple product purchase since the iphone 3g) simply as an INVESTMENT if textbook prices remain that low. I really don't want this to be ruined.
I don't know why the Note is even being compared to the ipad. Half the size Makes Calls Better resolution Pressure sensitive wacom screen AMOLED screen And are people really bitching about the price? Compare it to an unlocked iphone 4S then Honestly though, completely different. Good for Samsung for creating this. I would love to see a Note 2 in the future
I'm sorry, but this article is far from anti-apple.
haha, this. I honestly can't remember either. Hopefully we'll see less of this this year. It got really old really fast. For the record, anyone know if there have been any "patent violations" between WP7 devices and the iphones?
New Posts  All Forums: