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I'm really looking forward to the education announcement. If something huge is happening - like 90% of textbooks being available for the ipad - I will honestly probably buy it. I mean, I love Android tablets, but Apple does have a ton of influence and hopefully they can make something like that happen. If they don't make some major announcement like that, I'll probably buy one of the new Asus or Lenovo Tegra 3 tablets coming out. And yes I know I can pirate PDF...
So they went from 100% to 33%?
This will be great with my LTE iPhone.
People should get unlimited texting just to get the unlimited mobile to mobile. I work at AT&T. I see how many people come in to upgrade from their iphone 4, to an iphone 4S. Just so they can have a conversation with their phone. Other than that, the camera is marginally better and the battery life is actually worse on the 4S. It's all marketing to get someone to buy a re-hashed iphone 4. Now, if someone HAD to have an iphone and currently had a 3G/3GS, I'd totally...
Damn, well I'm glad I'm not getting 6x overcharged for the apps I buy. 1. The FCC also cleared Galaxy Tab 10.1s for in flight entertainment 2. The 3GS is also given away for a free with a new contract. Will that be supported in 2 years? Nope. 3. Malware? I guarantee you have never met someone that has ever downloaded malware from the Android market. I have never ran into any app that did anything malicious at all. 4. Google, George Mason University and the NSA are working...
So what does this mean? All non-ipads have to be triangle shaped? Seriously. What about a phone at 10 feet? Most likely they'll both be black. And they'll both have the same shape. Did apple patent all tablets with 4 sides? Even the aspect ratio is different between these 2 tablets. When the tablets are turned on, it's completely obvious that they're different.
Siri too? Is there a siri module inside the phone?
1. Terminal commands? Where do you people come up with this? If you can jailbreak an iphone you can change the ROM on your android. 2. If you don't care what version of Android you are running like a majority of the people, you won't have to learn how to flash a ROM. 3. Devices have full support from the manufacturers and carriers. They do receive updates. Any new phone you buy now will see official ICS in the future. Before you make some example of locking yourself into a...
Did you miss the part where Apple watered down the update to give you SOME incentive to upgrade your device?
And Apple users are forced to upgrade to get the newest software on their phones too. Apple knows perfectly well that Siri runs great on the 3GS/4, but they needed to give you a reason to buy a new device. So they held it back.
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