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Just on the XDA forums: 4,178,570 users. 1,052,217 threads. 21,280 online at the time of this post. Yeah, nobody cares and there's no community.
Wow. I don't even know where to start, so I guess I'll try from the top. The Galaxy S series and the 7 inch galaxy tab can still run ICS. It is not too taxing on the hardware. That's just wrong. The only reason Samsung won't update them to ICS, is because of the size of the ROM. It has already been proven that as long as the CPU is at least 1ghz (look at the Nexus S), it can run ICS like a breeze. Because of the ROM limitation, they cannot put the core Android OS along...
For the rezound, we know it's LCD. But so is the iphone 4S. We also know that AMOLED is a superior technology in every sense. -Lower power draw -better contrast -brighter -thinner panel But for whatever reason Apple chose not to include it in the 4S even though it's becoming a standard technology in smart phones. For the PPI, at a certain point, subpixels do not matter. A Pentile Matrix 720p display that's AMOLED puts any LCD display to shame at around that same PPI, even...
I thought it was obvious.
And I love how in this thread, people start defending the screen quality of the iphones, even though the topic is about the Galaxy Tab. They said it was the best screen, with the highest PPI. And then all the sudden somebody points out that that's just wrong, and the Rezound has the highest PPI with a 720p display. And then you completely dismiss it, saying it doesn't matter.
1) The display resolution is actually higher on a lot of Android devices. (720p) 2) My 4.3" Galaxy S2 is more thin than any iphone4 / 4s. -Camera quality goes to the N8, not the 4S -Speed, in terms of benchmarks would EASILY go to the Galaxy note with the 1.4ghz Exynos dual core w/ mali 400 gpu -Battery life goes to the Galaxy Note in both call-time, video playback, and standby time -Volume goes to HTC Surround -Sound quality? The winners would be the HTC Desire and Nexus...
You did it. You forever proved that iOS is better with Android with this hard evidence that nobody can dispute. This was all we needed. The fanboy wars are over, and it's all thanks to you.
Which Android phone is it? I ask because 9/10 of the time anything lag related is on a 2 year old Android, or an Android that they got for free as a budget deal by Metro PCS or some garbage. And high tier phone has no lag at all. Go into any carrier store and play around with them.
I love the drop down notification bar. Only Apple can create something as innovative as that.
Good luck with that. Google provides more information than you think. Such as store hours, business locations, reviews, public transit information, bike paths, 3D rendered building with turn by turn navigation. It would be a smart move for Apple to simply UPDATE their maps app. It's essentially 4 years old.Because people like labels and they wanted the stand alone app like we have on Android. It's a free app with active developers and regular updates, why complain?
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