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It's funny how you guys are so passionately trying to defend Apple's numbers. The fact remains that this article is talking about OS installs. Not hardware. And in terms of operating systems, it's obvious that Android is the winner hands down. If we were talking about hardware only, of course the number of iphones would appear better. But in the end, it's software that we're talking about. Even if we were to talk about hardware, Samsung alone has immense amounts...
And sharp will supply the actual panel? That's a bad sign.
This. If we do see it, expect to see an Android based device, with the similar Amazon UI on top. But the second the dev community starts to play with it, you'll have a very low cost Ice Cream Sandwich device with stock Android.
I really hope they launch the Lumia 800 soon. Beautiful hardware. Top of the line build quality. I'm still amazed Nokia pulled off something like that. As far resemblance to the ipod nano? Really? Completely different size, different glass, no click wheel. The only similarity is that it can be purchased in blue. Really, that's it. Did Apple patent the color blue?
Ping still exists? And yeah, people laughed at Facebook when it first came out. Getting back on topic. This is a free service. Unlike itunes, you can listen to and download your songs, locally, anywhere, on any device. It has a great web interface, many free songs, and easy access for new artists that want to publish their music
Okay. You think they should just be a search engine? It obviously does not have "iTunes Match" as it is not itunes. But it does allow you to upload all of your music to the cloud at no cost. For most people it would be finished by the time they wake up in the morning. From how buggy itunes match has been, it'll probably take the same amount of time. And what do you mean "we don't think people should pay for their own music"?
Play them on whatever you want. It has a great web UI. I'm enjoying the music on my tablet and phone. With or without G+ integration, it's a great service. With Google+, you can share the songs you purchased with other people so they can play them for free. And I've seen plenty of people use Google+.
Good question. But I think having music available in a form such as this will reduce piracy in general.
I wasn't expecting that it would remain free. Not at the 20k song mark quite yet, but I wonder if you can pay for more storage. -Local downloads of purchased music to ANY computer -Same music pinning -20k song limit. no size limit -sharing songs -awesome web interface -lightweight uploader -allows for independent artists to upload their music without a label -deep android/g+ intergration I love it!
So does Apple push Safari on iOS users? Nobody forces anyone to use Google products. Apple chose to use Google services in their applications
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