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Look at the top left photo for Google Earth on that ipad.   Look next to the Wifi symbol on that ipad.   Google Earth was still rendering the image when the screenshot was taken. iOS maps had finished.   Not fair at all. I should take a screenshot of ios maps when it's all grey tiles and compare it then.
-No Street View -No public transit support   I hope Google makes a 3rd party maps app for iOS.
It was a firmware update.   I'm just saying that it doesn't need to be purchased from the App Store to receive updates since there's no verification / activation process for the OS
I've already received an official update from my torrented copy.
Been over 24 hours for me with no code in my email yet.   Guess I don't need it anymore. The DMG I torrented is perfect. 
Implying I need to seed when there's a dedicated seed box
What's illegal about downloading software that you already have a license for? Nothing.
It's been verified to be the same DMG file right out of the App Store. Nothing to worry about.
Torrenting mine from TPB.   I submitted my info for the upgrade but no email as of yet. I have the legal rights to it so I might as well get it from there.
Just picked up a Time Capsule for for my home network. Was looking to use my old router (DIR-655) to extend it by putting it into bridge mode.   When the network is extended, would the NAS from the Time Capsule be able to be seen from my devices?
New Posts  All Forums: