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I'm saying that the ipad SHOULD be able to use skyhook, but from what I know, it's not implemented. As far is it being the same as ipad1? The only significant difference would be the camera / video related software. Other than that, ipad apps are still developed for both ipads. Meaning that the app won't be produced to take advantage of only the ipad2 hardware. That's why there are no significant changes even though there was a hardware refresh. 1024x768? I'll pass. If I...
I think I would also lean more towards a Xoom as well. You can't beat the customization you can put into android devices. I won't be getting it because it's still ridiculously expensive for what it is, and I'm on AT&T.
I have a masters in IS and work with UNIX/Oracle/Apache web servers at a college campus with ~8000 students tearing them up each day. Nice try.
I think that the ipad NEEDS to be criticized. I love a lot of other Apple products (just bought a new MBP 15) but I personally believe the ipad was one of the worst products they've built. It has terrible resolution, Steve Jobs' ego is preventing Flash from being placed on it, it makes for a terrible e-reader, the entire ipad experience just feels bland and boring. It's not just the ipad, I think that almost all tablets are the same. I think that the honeycomb OS is...
You need some sort of data connection to actually load the map images. As far as the wifi only version, why the hell wouldn't it be able to have maps? It should be able to use skyhook to aquire the location. The ipad 2 is just as worthless as the first.
Because the MSRP was $599....?
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