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Such bullshit.   Why would I pay AT&T for this if I could use a different service that does the same damn thing for free?
I also really like Metro.   But only on a phone.   The problems: -lack of basic software features -lack of superior hardware with things like a high quality screen -no apps -forced windows features like the xbox crap   Windows 8 is a step in the right direction. But it doesn't matter because this phone isn't getting that anyway.
I would have to get paid to be stuck on a contract with this phone.   This phone has 2 year old hardware and won't even get a single major update.   In months Windows 8 will be out and this "flagship" phone won't run a single app due to new APIs
Definitely agree.   If only the ipad had a better aspect ratio...
I really hope it's $299. Otherwise I don't see any reason to get it over the Nexus 7 if you're looking at tablets that same size.   Hopefully it will also have the same storage options as the ipad.
Oh gosh... I'm so sorry I'm and Android user guys.   I guess I'll throw my macbook away in shame.
Oh cool. I tried download some iOS malware and it didn't work   http://www.csoonline.com/article/710834/apple-app-store-gets-first-malware-app
My AT&T store doesn't sell a single one beneath Gingerbread. Full sized AT&T store. I'm sure I could find the original iphone online too. You don't know to much about Android apps do you? They can build their app at the highest API level and the android market will distribute the correct APK to the device.   Here's a good example. I build an app that requires a front facing camera. I need to use the API level that uses front facing cameras. Only phone on Gingerbread or...
Who is selling an Android 2.2 phone? I really can't think of any.   Walk into a store and half of the Android phones are on ICS and the other half on Gingerbread.   All of them being able to run all the apps on the market.
New Posts  All Forums: