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It'd be awesome to see more colors than black/white/silver. I'd be all over a dark red one.
I can only think of a single "high end" Android phone that hasn't received a major update. And naturally that was an LG phone which only accounts for a very small percentage of Android phones now.   An upgrade lifecycle is 18 months. Every Android phone will receive at least 1 major update. My Samsung Captivate received an update even 2 years after it came out. And that 2 year old captivate still runs every app in the app store. That's why I don't see why fragmentation is...
I guess that makes you and I 2 out of the 7.   Pretty awesome that 28% of the Galaxy Nexus users are in this thread.
They can both make phone calls   I'll let you know when I think of something else....
Am I?   Last I checked this was a FRAND issue and there is also no verdict.   This is nothing like any Apple product.
Or maybe people like the Galaxy Nexus?
7?   Let's see. The device is available on a ton of carriers world wide, available at Sprint and Verizon in the US, and they're also available at 349 off contract for any GSM carrier.   If you're trying to take a stab at fragmentation, then that's why you buy a Nexus device. People who truly care about updates for Android accept this and buy a Nexus phone. If they still care and want different hardware, then they already know they have to wait for manufacturers and...
The SG3 has better hardware. That's the phone I would recommend to anyone who wants to renew their contract.   But if you're already on one, $349 still gets you excellent hardware with the latest AOSP release of Jelly Bean 4.1.1. And the best dev community out of all phones. I was able to get my Galaxy Nexus to run Ubuntu with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse
Thanks for giving the Galaxy Nexus even more publicity Apple.   Now that you're trying to ban it, people want it even more.
I don't see why people can't be pro Android and pro Apple.   I have an Macbook Air and a Galaxy Nexus. What's the issue?
New Posts  All Forums: