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  If it's running Android it's a smartphone. There's no arguing that.   But yes, many Android phone have low end hardware which is why you can pick them up for so cheap and use them on prepaid carriers or let them be first smartphones for kids.   I don't see the issue with consumer choice. And obviously consumers are choosing Android.
Really happy with my Galaxy Nexus w/ Jelly Bean.     Can't wait to see how the next Nexus and the next iPhone compare
They should at least put the NFC element in the new iphone. Even if it won't be used until the future.   No harm future proofing the iphone just a little bit so they can launch the service with an update (ios6.5 or 7?)
I'm an early adopter and love new features. If I didn't have my Galaxy Nexus would totally buy a beta for $10. I mean, as long as it wouldn't be revoked or something down the road.
Metro on anything above 10" is definitely Rectal Display status.
Tried the dev preview, the consumer preview, and then the release preview.   All of them fresh local installs. They were awful, buggy (even RP), and things like menus were incredibly inconsistent. Oh, and metro on anything other than a 7-10" tablet is nothing but an awful idea. They don't even give the consumers a choice.   It honestly looks like shit on my 24" monitor.
I love Google Maps, use it on my computer, you know, in a browser. But when we were doing the iPhone, we thought, wouldn’t it be great to have maps on the iPhone? And so we called up Google and they’d done a few client apps in Java on some phones and they had an API that we worked with them a little on. And we ended up writing a client app for those APIs. They would provide the back-end service. And the app we were able to write, since we’re pretty reasonable at writing...
Well yeah. They're a software and advertising company. Of course they have your data.   The evil company is Facebook. They take your data and then won't give it back to you.   I'll always go with the company that offers the superior products / technology. For phones, that's still Android based phones. Microsoft has lost the battle over what computer I will own and I'm moving to macs.... But to me, Apple has some work to do with iOS
$1500 won't be the final price of them.   They're not due to come out until 2014 either. This is a limited trial.   And they've gone above and beyond Siri so I guess you can call it original.
Been trusting them since Gmail came out. They have a perfect track record with my data so why shouldn't I trust them?   You trust your data with Apple too right? For now, yes. Or you can wait a couple weeks. Up to you.   But... they did. May 2010.   That makes me a troll how? That's where I'm at. I've had a lot more respect for apple post-Jobs for some reason. And can't wait for my rMBP. I'm willing to give the iphone another chance... But not until they catch up in quite...
New Posts  All Forums: