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  It's faster and more robust now. I can search for movie times, sports stats, algebra questions etc etc. Yes we've had it for years, but now it's even better.   There are at least 4 builds of Jelly Bean available on XDA. I've had mine since day 1.
*Data just werkz.
  Knockoff? Google has had voice commands ages before Siri.   Updating it this just makes it even better. When I woke up this morning there was a card on my screen with the amount of traffic I would run into on my way to work.   It's really useful and you don't even have to think about. The data is just there.
Using it right now on my Galaxy Nexus and it works great. Seems more robust and reliable than Siri
But you also have file size limits and 25gb is no longer free to new users.
lol what an ignorant comment.   The Nexus beats it in every department.
      Ask Apple why it can't
QNX is cool and all....   But right now I think there only real option would be to merge their software innovations into their own version of Android.
Finally a real browser for iOS
My Galaxy Nexus on Jelly Bean is able to scroll smoothly through desktop optimized websites without so much as a hiccup in performance.   Smooth as.... butter.
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