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I'm still thinking about getting the 16gb version of the Nexus 7.   Nothing beats the portability of a 7" tablet. It's the perfect e-reader size.   It has pogo pins so we'll probably see some cool docking stations with built in audio out + charging.   And Jelly Bean is amazing. Running it on my phone right now and couldn't be more happy.   When the development community gets a hold of it, it will be even better.
Finally!   It puts Safari to shame. And Google Drive is easily the best cloud storage out there right now. (Dropbox is a close 2nd)   So nice being able to work on my computer in Chrome and having all of my tabs being right there on my phone.   But I've had this for a little while thanks to my Galaxy Nexus (that's now running Jelly Bean!)
Waiting for the D-Link, Belkin, and Cisco news for competing routers of the Airport.
Even if Google is subsidizing the price of this device. I'm sure they can still make that money back on content sales.   Same business model as the Fire / Nook.   Can't wait for the amazing devs on XDA to get their hands on this device
I'd rather get the 8gb for 199. I could use a host adapter / extended storage by plugging in a portable hard drive or small flash drive right into the tablet. Their mistake then. Google just reduced the price of the API significantly. No transit navigation, walking navigation, street view, and it's also not as accurate as Google Maps from what people are reporting.   I hope Google releases a Google Maps app for iOS. But knowing Apple, it will most likely be blocked.   I...
What?!   Apple totally invented the pull down notifications. That was new and totally innovative!
Improving a product doesn't mean they're admitting it's slower than their competitors.   I don't see why there's so much hate over this. By doing this, they're making it super easy for OEMs to update from ICS to JB and are improving the overall experience and reducing perceived lag to the end user.   Props to Google for focusing on this again.   This will be like the bump from 2.1 to 2.2 with the JIT compiler.
Correct.   To my knowledge, you can't change the browser in RT. You're stuck with internet exploder.
I should have kept my One X... But I'm REALLY happy with my Galaxy Nexus. Have a 2000mah battery in it and it doesn't die. Only complaint is the average camera, but I have a compact DSLR anyway, haha
Check out the initial hands on impressions of this tablet. It's pretty amazing
New Posts  All Forums: