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I don't see what's wrong with it.   Apple pushes out updates to increase the performance of their devices too.   What's the issue?
This is pretty awesome for a .1 update.   It's great that the there will be 4 devices with it right at launch too. It's also going to be easy for OEMs to update from ICS to JB
  For NFC- I'm really glad that Google has brought it to markets outside of Japan.   What's limiting NFC in the US: -lack of OEM adoption -Isis competing with Google Wallet -US carriers being stupid US carriers -limited (but growing) number of NFC payment stations.   I pay for almost all of my public transit tickets with Google Wallet and I pay for things like food / drinks with it too. It's second nature to me at this point, but I think it would be cool if more people...
You have never used Google Maps on an Android device then.   It has all of those features and has had those features for years.
Google maps definitely has all but maybe one of those. And then street view on top of it.   As for Siri, the new google search is miles ahead of it right now.
Not at all!   7" screen is a lot more comfortable and portable. And recent hands on reports of this device have been amazing.   And because it's a nexus device, it's first in line for updates direct from Google.   Also that revamped search they announced today just destroyed Siri, haha.
Was thinking about getting an ipad within a couple months.   Looks like I'll be getting one of these instead!   Can't beat $199 for a device like this. This will push the Kindle Fire / Nook Tablet out of the market.
"we have several" Do you work in an Apple store or something?   Can you leave it on a single image for maybe 10 minutes and then pull up an all white image?
I think it'll easily reach 10m by July. It's an incredibly succefull series of phone.   I loved my S2 but I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus (the first phone that will get 4.1 Jelly Bean) at least until the next iphone or nexus phone comes out.
Great... Now that's the first thing I'll be looking for when mine comes in.   I've seen this on some OLED panels before but every time I see image retention, it's very minor.   But at the price I paid for it, it better be pretty damn perfect, haha. Let's just hope that this is a small batch of panels w/ this issue.
New Posts  All Forums: