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There's no way I could consider this.   Windows 8 has been so bad for me. I've installed it 3 seperate times and each time it has been awful.   Even with the Release Preview, it's been incredibly buggy, messy, and unfitting for anything other than a 7" tablet.   But it was just what I needed to convince myself to buy my first Mac. A RMBP.
I'll be using it for Traktor Pro 2 (not sure if it support that resolution), adobe apps, and my desktop replacement / media center.   Oh yeah, and some Diablo 3.
I've been dealing with making this decision for over a week. Finally decided that the RMBP was better for my needs.   I needed something with a 15" screen, so I was even considering the non retina 15" for a little bit. But the resolution on that screen didn't cut it, and for the price it was actually LESS expensive to opt for the retina version after you consider the 8gb of ram upgrade and the 512gb ssd. (I'm coming from a 2009 dell XPS 16.4" with a 256gb ssd. Even...
Pretty damn excited for this.   Ordered my RMBP a couple of days ago. This will be my first personal mac....   It's awesome to see Blizzard going out of their way just to make the experience better on this single computer.
Why aren't more people complaining about the VGA camera in the front? That should be a bigger deal that the tablet getting warm. There are plenty of androids with 2mp sensors in the front.
I'm still sad about that.
This could easily be a valid problem. Just because there are only "dozens" of people posting about it on that thread, doesn't mean that those are the only people having issues with it. Those people are just the vocal minority. I'm sure some group will test it to see if the claims are true or not. Even with it's issues, it's still the best $500 tablet.
Nightline is an ABC program. ABC is owned by Disney. Jobs family owns a major stake in Disney. I am sure it will be an objective and well-ballanced story
Lol. Case in point.
New Posts  All Forums: