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Steve Jobs RIP.
Spolier alert: Steve Ballmer is Luke's father. This story doesn't end well.
Does the iPhone Dev Program include real, installable functioning betas of the OS with the SDK, or do u have to run a software-based simulator? Can I really install the beta on a physical iPhone? The Dev site makes it sound like you get the SDK betas but not the actual OS beta images to install.
Unified Inbox for all email accounts (like the calendar has) Better home screen with widgets and customizable wallpaper, etc. A tad like Windows Mobile perhaps (dont flame me). More useful personalized data up front at the main home screen. Better power management Ability to snooze alarms & reminders Better notification badges (more info, more control of appearance and use)
Hardware: Message/VM indicator light. I want to see if I have messages from 10' feet away. Faster CPU/dual cores 802.11n Better battery life Software: Exchange 2007 calendering/meeting support that actually works. Thank you, Steve. Need specifics? OK... Can't snooze an appointment reminder. Appointment reminders go away too fast when screen is locked. When viewing a meeting request and there are conflicts, display the conflicting appointment! When clicking on a...
Im going to see it tonight. Im very excited. Other than 1 trailer and little bit of info on Wikipedia I really dont know ANYTHING about it yet. Im a big fan of the more cerebral side of the sci-fi genre. Some of my fave films include 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1984, A Clockwork Orange, Children of Men, Stalker, Solaris, Gattica, Blade Runner, AI, THX, Fahrenheit 451, etc. Anyone want to discuss this film? Kick off the party as I go to the theatre and see it for myself. Id...
One word. Exchange.
I have a bunch of free protectors from a pal. Didnt spend a dime on them. You may have luck with no scratches but I know people who have scratched them. I have use them before and never noticed any "dulling".
So...NOBODY is buying screen protectors?
Did anyone get a iPhone 3G S (with the new oleophobic screen) & try to use a 3rd-Party screen protector? I cant decide if the new iPhone can use them or not. I want to protect the screeen from scratches as well as smudges etc.
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