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With a tip of the hat to Larry Niven (and a nod to the slogan for the long-forgotten iWorld), I'll just call the new campus Ringworld.
@nht Um, third paragraph: "However, as noted by Daring Fireball, ..."
If you're Apple, you use your cash to solidify your position. If you're Icahn, you use your cash to pad your position.   Sorry if it isn't relevant to the OP, but I'm still steamed by his old-school shareholder thinking, especially when juxtaposed to the thinking that grew Apple into the market leader it is today. 
I found relevance to only one noun in that sentence.
You'd think the construction of the name would distinguish it without trademarking its components. Can you imagine trademarking the components of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
I realize the basis of your argument probably assumes an "average user", however that is defined. I'd posit that a buyer of a Mac Mini is probably a bit above average compared to the typical purchaser at Best Buy or Costco if for no other reason than the fact some assembly is required. My mid-2011 Mini, at the heart of my video system, just completed an upgrade that included a 448GB SSD.  It uses two hard-connected spinning drives to store exported video and records...
My story mirrors yours, except the manager held Cisco. He was a former 3COM guy so that business made sense to him. For a while there, he was right as Cisco and Sun blew the doors off everyone.  But there were a lot of Macs being installed at the end of those cable runs.
Not to pile on, but if you've really been following this forum or even Apple for more than five years you know this:  the one thing that can be cited consistently is that Apple works to design the best product with the available technology. Almost every person who has taken the stage at an Apple event has mentioned how the products being announced are designed to enhance the user experience, or provide the best overall tool for the job. It is almost never clear why Apple...
A later report provided more detail: The burglar refused to come out of hiding and rather than waiting him out (at even more cost to taxpayers not to mention the continuing distubance to the neighborhood) the police sent the K9 in to look for him. He also resisted the K9, who responded by biting the suspect causing him to surrender. The area of the demolition is quite large and in similar cases, a helicopter is the most effective way to search for suspects.
This is another area where RIM not only missed the boat but failed to see the droves of people queued up to get on. They already had infrastructure in place with the many Blackberry Enterprise Servers installed at company sites around the world. They were so intent on protecting their brand they did not dare to admit other devices onto their platform. Had they been more device-agnostic they could have trumped Good and even Microsoft. As it is, the Good suite of products...
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