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It's very difficult to determine the full cost of litigation until after all activity related to the case is closed. Much more than the cost of salaried lawyers is involved. The discovery process alone can consume hundreds of thousands of dollars. A case I'm involved with now is entering its second year and all the data is under a legal hold; however because the infringement occurred several years prior we are obligated to preserve the environment in which the action took...
I think part of the success of this venture will turn on how the combines company sells these services. Not all businesses are keen or even plan to migrate to the cloud. Large business implementations have significant data center investments and see the cloud for what it is - OPS (other people's servers). The combined risks or manageability, recovery, response and confidentiality are far too high to move that off-premises. However, on-premise management on a contract basis...
I wouldn't agree. Hobby as defined by m-w dot com: :  a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation  I always had the feeling when I purchased my Apple TV that I was buying something that Apple enjoyed working with, but had no concrete plans for. In other words, it was always on the drawing board. Microsoft gave me no such feeling with CarPlay.
@staticx57   What? You've already forgotten about Microsoft Sync? It's okay, so has Ford.   Or maybe you remember their earlier smash success, car.net.   Which built upon the strong foundation laid down by Auto PC.
In Northern California at least, chasing down quadcopters and their irresponsible operators is an worthwhile endeavor.http://bit.ly/1L0smDV
 Their innovation smells like...fear.
Perhaps Mr. Gibney should reflect his own life in a documentary with the working title of "AG: Man in the Mirror." His personality is no less acerbic and his style no less confrontational than Jobs'. The main difference is one of them stated (and I'm paraphrasing) that he wanted to put a ding in the Universe. The ripples are still expanding thought as far as Apple is concerned. Gibney, not so much, though I give him credit for the Enron piece.
 MP3 players weren't considered particularly fashionable until the later iPods came around. Cell phones weren't widely considered fashionable until later iPhones hit the market (although the N95 was pretty eye-catching).The fact that Apple products appear in so many ads, scenes and placements alone tells you that it's considered more "fashionable" than the competition.Here's another thing. Many women are not interested in just fashion.
In an oblique way, this is another benefit of Apple's simplified product line.   Clearly, the iPhone is a desirable object as a gift.   The only real options are storage size and color. After that it's whether it's an older or newer model.  Functionally the differences are slight (better optics in the Plus).   But the unique silhouette of an iPhone is recognized by everyone. It even offers a unique signature (Sent from my iPhone). No worries about choosing the right...
Why bother with antediluvian transport systems like aircraft carriers?Add dollars to R&D so Jony & Team can begin sketching out the 2020 introduction of the Helicarrier.
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