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 Your description of the parklets sounds a lot like Highline Park.
"I imagine that Apple Pay/Passbook will eventually work in tandem so you can choose to subscribe to coupon feeds that retailers beam out over the internet (iAds?) or locally via iBeacons. Coupons and store card benefits could all be processed in the same swipe as the transaction. Customers hate carrying around twenty different store cards for discounts so this would provide a much better customer experience." This is what I don't get. Apple provided a way for MCX and...
A long time ago in a division of property my ex left with the Porsche and left me with the Mac and the LaserWriter. It wasn't so much the economics of the split as it was the apparent insult; all I used at work were PCs, and at home I ran my BBS from a CP/M machine. (I did say this was a long time ago.)   The next spring I attended my first MacWorld show. As Chryssie Hynde sang, I was stunned and amazed. I came home with some software and a bunch of wild ideas.   Two...
If I'm design chief of the most acclaimed consumer products company on the planet, agree to an interview arranged by my company's PR department (because you know that is the only way this happens) and it subsequently comes to my attention the interviewer has included these kind of inane observations on how I dress,  I will instruct the PR department that no future interviews will be granted to that individual. Nor to any employees of the publication by whom he or she is...
Because other judges in the district asked her to take the cases.http://nyti.ms/1zM0b0Q
With a tip of the hat to Larry Niven (and a nod to the slogan for the long-forgotten iWorld), I'll just call the new campus Ringworld.
@nht Um, third paragraph: "However, as noted by Daring Fireball, ..."
If you're Apple, you use your cash to solidify your position. If you're Icahn, you use your cash to pad your position.   Sorry if it isn't relevant to the OP, but I'm still steamed by his old-school shareholder thinking, especially when juxtaposed to the thinking that grew Apple into the market leader it is today. 
I found relevance to only one noun in that sentence.
You'd think the construction of the name would distinguish it without trademarking its components. Can you imagine trademarking the components of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
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