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You know, this is a really excellent point. Not that I'm an authority on excellent points. I've got an iphone4 and that's why I never considered it. Following the chain of logic, though...what does that mean for what's coming out? There wouldn't be a mere $100 difference between the two, I imagine. So the remaining option is a completely new iphone? Who knows. Seems they've done a better job this year with keeping things secret.
What would you like the standard to be? ...."blank out"....
Pretty sure Libertarianism is about defending the rights of the individual...not taking a moral stand against telling people to shut the F up on the internet. So maybe hypocrisy isn't the most apt accusation to be making. He expressed an angry sentiment. That's a bit different than betraying a political philosophy... Now, if he votes at the next, shut that one guy the F up on the internet at the pont of a gun top secret government Big Brother meeting...okay, you've...
While I'm not a fan of the Kindle DX, I think that is exactly the thinness and weight the ipad should shoot for. I'd hate a phone that thin, but a ten inch tablet does well at that size, I think. It'll be several iterations coming, but I think that is where they'll take it, eventually.
...but it IS insecure. And one of the hallmarks of quality products (be they film, book, art, tech, or even fast food service) is that people will discuss WHY the product is superior. Perhaps the reason few people rant about iOS on Android sites is the the same as why I never hear people ripping on In-And-Out while eating McDonalds. It has nothing to do with their innate security or lack of need for reassurance. When people talk about quality, it is only natural to...
Thank you. I can't stand the corporate paranoia. Apple is a company and its products are voted on by consumers. If you don't like it, don't vote for it. Where do so many people get the idea that companies like apple are forcing them to accept anything? Hollywood? Anti-corporate ideology being taught in schools? Sometimes I think people like that should live in a dictator-ruled country for a short time to learn the difference between being told what to do and having...
Kind of unloaded on him a bit. From what I glean from his comment, I don't think he was making as extreme a point as the one you're arguing against.
"Can you hear me now?"
Yes please. Though I suppose the market prefers the buzz words.
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