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  ...and Tom Jones for the intro music...
OSX Kitteh.  Never been used, and will lower expectations to market norm.  
The problem is that these are the articles that get the most hits.  It's bait.  I typically only read the stuff about...stuff...on this site.  Anything about numbers forecasting that isn't a direct quote of an Apple executive is pretty boring to me.  But it sure gets a lot of readers fired up.  Suggestion: do what I do and refuse to click 9 out of 10 times.  If not out of boredom, on principle.
I looked it up and laughed.  Thanks.  I'd never seen that used before...though I did catch a tone...
Appropriately enough, the movie was called "Unbreakable"...though you might have been teasing. 
  ...are you being serious?
Woah there!  Slow it down!  Steady win's the race!  There's a whole lot of years left in this century!  Why be hasty?   Edit: Maybe I added this up wrong.  2014 is next year, not five years ago, right?
  An opinion is worth the logic and evidence it rests on, not the fame or prior accomplishments of the person who speaks it.  Full stop.   Edit: But I agree...not much need for angry protests.
  I don't think you necessarily did any lumping, but lumping did seem implied.  Don't imply lumping.  If you lump, lump in the light.   Second...because the LTE iPad mini doesn't fit comfortably in one's jeans/pants/coat pocket, of course.  A five inch phone doesn't have to be "better"...it just has to be a viable solution for enough people to make Apple money.  It just might be, but I'm not holding my breath.
To be fair, large pizza's make a lot of money, but Apple isn't selling those because, simply put, it's not part of their business model.  Question: do we really know that Apple would do this just to make money?  Isn't part of the Apple schtick that they make products *they* want to make, not the products they think consumers want?  I know I hear that from Apple and from Apple fans quite a bit (and I largely agree...though it's a bit of a flexible thing to say).  Which is...
New Posts  All Forums: