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Uh...huh..   Right back at you.  What on earth was the point of that?  If there was no point, why communicate it?  I think your dander is up about something else and you're taking a swing at the wrong guy for the wrong reason.  My purpose in saying I'm an apple fan is within the same sentence you took it from: I want a large phone...but I want it from Apple because I'm a fan of Apple's products.  Where on earth is the fallacy there?  You're hyper vigilant because you're...
It amazes me that people don't get your point.  And that there are adults who literally base most of their argument on the idea that "other people might think you look stupid" is the quintessence of cognitive underdevelopment.  Really?  You're a grown man and you feel passionately about your choice of phone precisely because you are concerned about whether other people think you look silly using something else?  Okay. 
I'm a huge apple fan, and I'd much rather have a 5 inch or bigger phone from them, but I wasn't going to hold my breath.  A few months ago I switched to a Galaxy Note 2 and I absolutely love it.  I'm a huge reader, both online and kindle books, and the screen is nearly identical in size to a paper back book and incredibly comfortable to read on.  I don't think it's better...it just suits me very well.   I find people criticizing larger screened phones to a bit lazy.  The...
  Oh my god!  What an excellent point!  Woz didn't know his name...so his opinion must be worthless!  I'd never thought of it that way!
  Yeah, I'm not bothered by the wood shelf.  I would, however, enjoy it if Apple allowed developers to create "skin" apps so that I could customize both the shelf and the way I organize it.  It surprises me that neither Kindle nor iBooks has created this option.  I'm always reading, and to me a book shelf is personal and intimate.  I want to arrange books however I see fit..not select between "alphabetical" or "last browsed."  How about allowing me to pick and choose at...
Not fond of thinking beyond the emotional spectrum, are you?
  Fist fights in potato packing factories are due to greedy potato buyers and grocers.  True story.  Why can't the potato greed stop?  I heard someone got into a fist fight at Eddy's Quick Stop the other day.  Eddy is a greedy sumbich, and if it weren't for big oil it never would have happened.   I've been eating potatoes and gasoline since 1980, so I should know.
  Logic isn't your best subject.  Let's turn what you said into its converse: you mean to say that if something is great, it will, of necessity, by virtue of being great, have a higher than 7% adoption rate?  Nobody in the world needs to be a Mac lover to see the gaping hole in this argument.  I know you might feel like your arguments are equal to others simply because having a user name here means having the appearance of being a peer to others who argue here, but...you...
  You can't be serious.  
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