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Actually, Google is still active in China. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_ChinaAndroid phones are selling fantastically well there. http://www.gizchina.com/2014/02/08/xiaomi-soars-past-apple-samsung-best-selling-smartphone-china-december/ I know this is an Apple forum, but the level of denial in this thread is epic even by Apple standards. 
Yeah, thats not subjective at all.  Why the upgrade to 8MP from 5MP...why was 5MP not good enough? What exactly makes you think I can't afford an $800 phone?
Hilarious considering we were just now talking about spec overkill. 1080p displays are not necessary...but 64-bit processors that don't do anything are vital, and worth advertising. Ok. 
 Maybe...but I don't need to do that with the Retina Display. I can see pixels just fine.  Likewise, pre-Retina iPhones were plenty good enough for reading. So if "good enough" is your standard, there was no need for higher resolution displays anyway. You keep going back to the Apple Propaganda, but it is still completely arbitrary. Saying "326ppi is good enough" is no different from me saying "275ppi is good enough". It's all subjective. But saying "326ppi is better than...
Ok, I'll try. He is persistent though.  Flexibility and advanced features not found on feature phones.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartphone
LOL, if that chart continued exactly like that it'd still take years for iOS to catch up. 
Are you trying to imply sales = better?  You made a claim that google does not support their devices for more than a year. That is clearly wrong. Thats what my evidence shows.   Yes, how dare I change the subject after you've changed the subject.  You are trying to refute claims I never made.  ...while marketshare remains steady or increases. What does it say about Apple products when people are more willing to buy cheap Android phones than pay what Apple is asking for...
Oh good, so we agree that more pixels alone does not necessarily mean the display eats more power.  I was worried there for a minute.  So far I have not seen any objective evidence from you. Just opinions and speculation.  I have actually provided sources for my own claims.  You honestly believe the iPhone 4 costs anywhere near $300 to make? They will always have some sales. But they won't be the majority. 
Why is Apple overcharging so much in China and India?  We go back to my original point...people are not willing to pay what Apple is asking for these products. Thats why Android phones are selling more...people think they are worth what the vendor is asking for them. Those people do not think they are bad...if they did they would not be buying them. 
That makes it even more remarkable that Apple has lost so much marketshare...why are people buying these terrible Android phones instead of iPhones? Especially if they are the same price? People can buy an iPhone for under $150, even off contract...so why are the Android phones selling instead?
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