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"Muslim shouldn't be allowed to buy iPhones." Marco Rubio
More bundles. Why can't you just pick what channels you want and pay based on how much they cost the carrier. I.e. $7/month to get ESPN & ESPN 2.
They should be pitching this to Microsoft. Most people who use Window$ end up weeping anyway...
GM killed how many people?
If you want the government to know everything you are doing just use a M$ product.
Let's just leave it wide open, so anyone driving past your house can turn the lights on or off...
Didn't Steve Jobs target 1% market share? Of the overall phone market, not just smart phones...
Know what's disappointing? Calling Taylor Swift an "Artist".
ObamaNet bringing the country closer to ruin by the nanosecond. Is there anything we won't give to those poors?
No comments on the Samsung keyboard flaw that leaves 600 million phones vulnerable?
New Posts  All Forums: