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What is the 'New York Times'?
This can only mean Apple is Doooomed. Tim better buy another $10 billion of stock back...
Very impressive for a make believe product.
Obviously Apple is doomed.
It isn't the shitty music they're putting out at all...
I don't want to go on the cart!
The Haudenosaunee name for George Washington (Conotocaurious) translates to "Town Destroyer". 
This is the seventh time the homepage has featured a notable figure that was not a part of the Think Different campaign.   George Harrison in 2001, Jimmy Carter in 2002, Gregory Hines in 2003, Rosa Parks in 2005, Al Gore in 2007, and Steve Jobs in 2011.
Just more proof they are building a solar powered car.
It will be powered by the sun, be more reliable than M$ car, run five times faster, and be twice as easy to drive. But it will only run on 15% of the roads... But at least the Air Bag system wouldn't ask 'Are you sure?' before deploying.
New Posts  All Forums: