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 China ≠ 1/2 the world. China = 1/6 of the world. China and India together = 1/3 of the world but a much smaller fraction of the market.
Why is it that whenever an ANALyst predicts an iWatch I visualize Jim Carrey talking out of his ass in Ace Ventura?
M$ about 'doing more'... Sweating? Monkey dancing? Masturbating?
So it's an iPod nano with the strap built in?
Android. Full of sweetness and fat but ultimately empty calories. 
Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Apple "iWatch" deception campaign successful.
How can you project shipments of a product that will never exist?
LogMeIn Pro is $70 per year for one computer, so $80 per year seems about right. $80 is nothing to a business user who can write it off as an expense anyway.
Maybe Jeff Bezos will buy it. He likes to buy things that will soon be extinct.
Apple with Steve Jobs produced the Apple III, the Lisa, & the 128k Mac the first time around... The 20th Anniversary Mac & G4 Cube after he came back...
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