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  That's why he/she is hiding. 
This is just an analcyst saying "I'm going to predict a new iPhone every Friedman Unit until one comes out, Apple is Doomed".
In Russia you don't get cell phone, cell phone gets you!
Windows 8. The NSA will have instant access to all your photos... http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jul/11/microsoft-nsa-collaboration-user-data
Segway Mk II.
  No, Willie Sutton said that...and that's just an urban legend. Sutton denied it in his autobiography.       
  It's called consignment. 
  Nein, nein, nein... No phone GUIs on the desktop.
  Heh. He's new here.
  Yahoo should just do what M$ did for Bing, steal Google's search results...
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