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What is Apple going to do about all the naked people walking around?
But the kids love Windows 8...
  As long as Android doesn't lend any money to Lindsay Lohan it will be doing all right.
Just like Posner, she decided to punt.
When does Apple sue these guys?   Oppo Unveils World's First 1080p Smartphone  
  I've had worse.
I'm not surprised. Every time I see that Nexus 7 ad I think I'm looking at an iPad...
  I'm sure it's news to Mexico that they aren't part of North America. Does that invalidate the North American Free Trade Agreement?   Central America has always consisted of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.
  For the same reason 6mm to 70mm lens on a small sensor camera is marketed as being equivalent to a 36mm to 432mm lens on a 135/Full Frame camera.
  Playsforsure was Micro$oft's attempt to kill the iPod with FUD in 2004. When that didn't work they rebadged the Toshiba Gigabeat as the Zune in 2006.
New Posts  All Forums: