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So, how long before Dell gets grouped in with the "Others" category?
Errrr. Didn't the cx and ci each have only 3 nubus slots?
If you ask me, I think that Microsoft Surface tablet will be the real tablet threat to Apple. I'm a huge fan of Apple and have all three generations of iPads... but if the price if right people will have a really hard time resisting the lure of a full OS on their tablets that also runs on their desktops.
That multitouch camera thing sounds really awesome. One thing I've always missed on my iPhone's camera (in addition to a crazy zoom that DSLRs offer) is the ability to do some creative work with depth of field. I wish it were easier (or even possible) to have the subject be sharp and the background very blurry when taking the picture.
More like "Be Old" mirite?  
I've been saying this already for years. I'm sure many of you have too.
Shouldn't the sentence read "claimed ownership"? Isn't that what the whole thing is about?
What this means is they will waste a ton of money on shitty Coby tablets, realize their mistake, then spend their money on iPads like they should have in the first place. I'm surprised they're not obligated to purchase an American-made tablet like: http://www.duratabusa.com/
Wow, you're so angry you posted it twice!
They'll never get replaced with robots. Human employees in China are WAY cheaper than robots. That's why more than 2/3 of all goods manufactured today are "hand-made".
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