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Why would anyone buy from a "price gouger"? Apple.com has all models of the Macbook Air in stock at the price they should be with free shipping within 24 hours. Am I missing something?
If they are going to continue selling the 4 (either in it's current form or a smaller capacity version) there's no way Apple would call the new phone a 4S or 4GS whatever. It would confuse some people and Apple wants people to buy the new model -- the easiest way to do that is to distinguish it with a higher, unique number - hence iPhone 5.
I still don't believe Apple ever planned on releasing iPad 3 this year...
Best post here in a while. I'm going to start using the word 'gruntled' when I am pleased with something.
Man, I REALLY hope Apple adds bluetooth to the Nano. I have a 6th gen Nano in a Lunatik band that I wear all the time, but it would be so much more useful if it could communicate with my iPhone similar to how the Sony Ericcson Liveview device works...
Regarding the retina display for the iPad... I don't think Apple will release it as a "Pro" model. A "pro" market won't use the iPad until it has a more open file system -- the constricted file system makes it difficult to produces certain types of media without jumping through hoops. Plus if the retina display is released in a "pro" model which would likely cost a lot of money, people would at that point would just buy a laptop -- the "pro" model won't get a lot of...
It does sound rather mediocre from the reviews... ... but ... I'd KILL to have a number row above the iPad keyboard and/or adjustable key heights! I've been wanting that since I got an iPad 1 on launch day.
smitty, have you read the facts about that image? (and how inaccurate it is):http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ung_first.html
A large number of popular apps use in-app purchases and Apple gets 30% of those in-app purchases. It's in Apple's best interests to help out developers and also to know the legal ramifications moving forward.
I was under the impression that Android folks didn't like paying for any apps... I thought they always waited until they were free on Amazon app store, etc. isn't that why there's such a huge difference between the sales of Android and iOS software?
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