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Like this Note: you can only choose two from Price Thin and Power     Sorry for the bad image. did it in sketch book in 5 min
Please be 14" and 16" with narrow edge. Makes much more sense to consolidate this way.   13"-->14"<--15"-->16"<--17"
As a current 17" MBP user I would go for a 16" (no less) and the many people that have that i talk to that have a 13" would like more power but dont really want a 15". and the current 15" user can go lighter or more power. This would be a wise move for apple as a Pro user is looking for power and a Student/ entry customer might care more about the legacy options (ODD and basic CPU) at a lower price point I think they will keep the current unibody design as a a entry...
Has anyone else thought of switching their voice plan with a ipad Data plan for their Iphone? I mean $30 mo and you can make call with various VoIP apps.   Going back to the offering from Virgin, This is great for off of contract customers but as mentioned before doubt people are willing to sling $650 upfront.    I really hope these smaller companies take stabs at ATT And Verizon, These guys are getting way too greedy
With the usb 3.0 Sandy Bridge doesn't natively support it. I'm guessing they are putting in a usb 3.0 controller. Now that make me wonder why apple didn't support usb 3.0 in the Macbooks earlier. I'm glad apple is finally understanding that people want these thing and make bias towards their purchase when things that are so simple not available  Either way this Mac Pro is probably going to be the last Workstation apple makes.      It's sad that Apple has gone...
Now do one in White, and With screen mockup!! =)
I think of  this is a 3gs equivalent. I think this is a dumbed down version of the current 13" with the new ivy bridge and most like likely replace the white plastic macbook dropped a few months back. I think Apple will reserve the Pro name for something more powerful.   I feel the next Pro line will all have quad cores and Retinas. I would like to see these new Pro's with all the past rumors listed in a 14" and 16" form factor (3612qm is a quad 35 watt fits perfect...
Why thinner. I think the phone as it is now is thin enough. keep the same depth and increase the battery size. I'm sure this next phone will support 4g LTE, why not make a longer running battery. Besides that ever held an ipod touch to you head to see how a thin phone would not be comfortable. I just dont understand the push for thin, seems like something that seems nice but in practice it stops making sense at a certain point... anyone?
Why not Charlie Sheen? Since A.K. took over in Two & Half Men, only fair for Charlie to take this part over from him.
I have a mid 2010 MBP. I had several coffee shop wifi networks issues connecting even with other macs running snow leopard had no problems. My browsing was slow at home even with a 8 mbit connection. I now notice Wifi is near istant from sleep and pages load faster and less buffering interruption on youtube
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