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I'm neither saying I'm neutral, nor criticizing political bias - I'm just cautioning against stating personal opinion as fact and pointing out that it kills reasonable discussion.
The problem is that it is easy to criticize a leader. A mixture of policy disagreement and picking on individual issues that have been hyped by political opponents can seem like a damning list of failures to one person, and unimportant BS to another, depending on political leaning. If one philosophically disagrees with President Obama then one is inevitably going to regard his presidency as a failure and look for ways to justify that position. An all too common position is...
No problem. But I would still emphasize that the reflectance differences observed between uncoated glass and sapphire are entirely due to refractive index, so you really cannot treat them separately, however casually, in this discussion. 
That is incorrect, and there is no rabbit hole here. The Fresnel equations for reflectance depend only on refractive index (n), which is itself wavelength dependent,  and angle of incidence, and for normal incidence reduce simply to: R = {(n1 - n2)/(n1 + n2)}2
It was. There is nothing new in this - it is the same problem that has always existed for sapphire windows, because without coatings (which defeat the purpose of using sapphire) there is virtually nothing that can be done about the refractive index, which determines reflectance. The 74% extra reflectance figure quoted is probably correct, but it should be taken in the context of the actual reflectances of the materials, which are roughly 7.5% for sapphire and 4% for ion...
What on earth has mate selection opportunity got to do with political leaning? It really does simply correlate best with eduction level.
Almost, except for the fact that it was the post he responded to that first mentioned Nazis.
It's a matter of opportunity, not inevitability. To take advantage of the privilege you still have to have some talent and ability, and the willingness to work with it. That you, apparently, do not, does not imply that the privilege does not exist.
Fleeing the country was triggered by the discovery of his bulk file downloading activities, which led to awkward questions being asked at work. But yes - he knew what he was accessing.
 Numerous studies have investigated historical rates over a range of timescales. NASA has a quite good summary of the topic, with extensive references. Page 3 addresses rate anomalies. Also, Mann et al. published a quite comprehensive description of proxy-based temperature reconstructions to extend more recent historical data: Mann, M. E., Zhang, Z., Hughes, M. K., Bradley, R. S., Miller, S. K., Rutherford, S., & Ni, F. (2008). Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric...
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