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That certainly could be one reason to use such a system, but a far more significant benefit is added security.
 I'm sure that they are pretty worried about the future, and history says that they should be.
 That may be their fate if the Apple Watch hits the mark, but for now the Pebble is a reasonable solution for anyone wanting that functionality.
 Good to know. I'm sure Apple will get on that right away.
 Do you find that the Pebble occasionally, and randomly, loses its LE connection with the iPhone and stops providing alerts for anything other than calls? That's really the only thing I would like to see fixed, but it has persisted (at least for me) across multiple firmware and software upgrades.
 It's not quite that simple, because the EU pays subsidies to Ireland, so it has a direct financial interest. In your gas station analogy, it would be more equivalent to the situation where one gas station sells gas too cheaply, loses money and then claims subsidies from the others to make up for it. It's fine for nations to own their own tax strategy as long as it doesn't result in other nations having to subsidize them for their generosity.
You misunderstand - I'm not making an argument - just an observation on the current state of consensus, if that is the part you are objecting to. As for your argument, I'd just add that it is an example of how non-scientists often completely misconstrue these kinds of concepts. "It's so tiny - it can't possibly have a significant effect". If physics were fully linear it would all be so simple, except I'm guessing that (1) you don't know what that means and (2) we would not...
 The CR measurements indicate that the 6+ is stronger than the 6, which seems to contradict that opinion.
I caught the one I was targeting, although I know he will ignore the request.
You mean like repeatedly denouncing the Apple Watch, or repeatedly asserting the iPhone to have a design flaw, or repeatedly condemning Tim Cook as incompetent, without ever addressing any of the counter-arguments? By all means - stop being a goldfish then.
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