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That was my first thought too. How did the officer know that he was not just fiddling with his watch? Possibly he made enough of a performance out the process that he was pulled over for careless driving, and then told the officer what he had been doing.
There's no software correction - the lens is just a tad slower than if it did not include sapphire.
Yes - that is the actual issue under discussion, but I was responding to comments about the button on the white iPhone looking less white than the surround. Same cause - difference in the reflectance.
 If more light is reflected then, by definition, less is transmitted to the surface underneath, which then has less to reflect back through the button to the observer. It doesn't require any particular light source to illuminate it.
 Yes - that's an expected result, since the higher reflectivity of the sapphire means that less light is reaching the white surface underneath it. Similarly, if you look at reflected light from the front of an iPhone 6, the reflection from the sapphire is brighter than from the surrounding glass.
 Either way then - hardly a representative "real life" review, since most users will likely be buying the device, not borrowing it.
Photos "doesn't cut it" in what way, exactly? And the machine is a "no go" because they didn't bundle the $19 dongle with it? Are you serious?
 On what evidence do you assert that it is a "very narrow target group"? As the basis for almost the entirety of your argument, that looks very shaky to me.
In terms of creating albums, if you create an album in Photos and it will appear on your iOS devices.
I don't fully understand your privacy concern. Photos simply offers you the opportunity to store your photos on iCloud. It doesn't force you to, or even require you to opt out. And, even if you do use iCloud, it doesn't give anyone else access to them, unless you believe that iCloud, itself, is compromised. If that is the case then you are free to do as you have done – assuage your paranoia by avoiding iCloud altogether.
New Posts  All Forums: