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Perhaps you guys would like to move this discussion to Farming Outsider?
Strange. It opened just fine in Safari for me.
Yes - that seems like a good reason to be interested. Maybe a good reason for the DoD to switch to iOS, too.
DARPA funding is very broad, and sponsorship statements such as that are somewhat boilerplate and can cover multiple projects. It doesn't mean that they specifically solicited this study, but rather that it just fell into a wider research area.
 I've heard similar comments too but, having grown up and lived in the UK for many years, that accusation made no sense to me. Even the most cursory comparison of BBC news coverage with other sources shows clearly, IMO, that it has never been controlled by the government in any meaningful, editorial sense. 
Ah - so it was a comment on whether they are "one of the most respected broadcaster in the world" rather than on "because it can and does take the government to task".
 Oh - I see. You were not using the terms constant and variable in their formal scientific meaning - you were just trying to say that once a data point is taken, its value is set. Different thing altogether, but yes - I agree with you - the raw data does not change after being taken. That's the meaning of the term "raw data".  I gave a quite detailed explanation of this in #197, but not clear enough, I guess. Let me try again. For the purposes of obtaining global average...
How unpleasant.
Did you mean racist or xenophobic? Or both?
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