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Did you read the discussion on exactly this topic, above?
 DED seems to be the only one to engage regularly, but I seem to recall at least one other author replying as an administrator. @nhughes, perhaps?
Ah - so you are saying that DTI can also improve optical isolation if done with materials of suitable refractive index. That's elegant if it works. From the wording I still don't think the author of the article understood the distinction though - it's not diffusion in the case of photons.
Agreed. I only use it when the camera is on a tripod - mostly for astro/night photography in my case.
I don't think I understand your comment. Deep trench isolation is designed to prevent electron diffusion, not photon diffusion. It's not a method to reduce optical crosstalk. What am I missing?
The newer DSLRs effectively provide ELV focus tools via Live View (as Nikon calls it).
The article seems to be confusing two different issues. Deep trench isolation is a technique to prevent photoelectron-diffusion crosstalk, not optical crosstalk.
Also, the current USB-C connectors are much less user friendly than Lightning connectors - in particular the sharp edges makes insertion more fiddly and they feel less substantial, despite being the same size.
I'm sure it is the tether length, which is probably limited by the weight, and maybe wind drag, of the tether cable since the aircraft has to lift it. These devices have very low payload capacities.
The portability is good but, other than that, I'm not sure what it can do that a regular drone can't. Were you thinking of anything specific?
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