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 I'm not quite sure what you are getting at - I'm not seeing the subjectivity that you are referring to. 
Sorry - it doesn't matter what you boil it down to - temperature, by definition, is a state variable. Constants are properties that take only one value. I wasn't trying to be mean, but this is a good example of the dangers of thinking that science is obvious. Even the most basic concepts are not intuitive to those without a sound background in the subject.
 Ooh - is this a science quiz? Splendid. Either water is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen or it isn’t: Yes - if we grant D = H, T = H. Either the repulsion between the electrons in two gallons of water is 4.1*1026 newtons or it isn’t: Obviously not - since force is a vector quantity the correct answer, summed over two gallons, is zero Newtons. Either an orange isn’t the summation of its physical properties or it isn’t: Badly posed question. Is or is not a reading of 56...
East on Post Street is downhill there, but not one of the steep streets.
But white guys are the biggest victims of racism, don't you know¡
 I think the fountain was around the corner on Stockton Street.
You did, indeed provide a link to McKitrick's soap box, which, itself, links to nothing but his own papers and articles. Of those, only two were ever published, and said the same thing.  So no - it looks like you didn't read the page. And no, I've read enough of his whining and bleating about how unfair it all is - I don't need to read any more. And I have no interest in discussing it with you if all you are going to do is parrot his complaints. As for openness - bear in...
 OK - I'm running out of ideas on how to explain this. Once you have your readings (raw data) then no - those do not change. But raw data are not what you think they are. They always have to be adjusted locally for calibration and systematic errors and then assigned margins for random errors. Now you have your best estimate of the absolute, local temperature at your site based just on your instrument. Beyond that, if they are to be used as part of broader datasets, the...
No - you provided one paper by an economist and a mining engineer (with a background in statistics, agreed), that has been largely discredited (in terms of its significance) in the aftermath of the controversy that it started, that addressed just the validity of the temperature record in the 1400s, and you are attempting to portray it as refuting the entire body of work on GW. Their work was reviewed by multiple investigatory committees and a number of research groups,...
And I applaud that, but you have taken it to the point of substituting your imagination when you have insufficient facts. That ends up doing a disservice to the fight against racism because it dilutes the issue.
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