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It's not projecting a 3D image onto a plane - it's projecting two stereographic 2D images (one for each eye) that change with perspective. So no, it's not a hologram.
It appears to be stereoscopic VR. Apart from anything else, one defining feature of a hologram is that its constituent wavefronts exist in space, independent of the observer. The stereoscopic information presented to the eyes of the observer in this application may have been derived from holographic recordings, but they are not holograms.
There is no logical or ethical disconnect in the negative views on Snowden's actions - as already clearly explained in this thread. That he exposed possibly illegal (or at least potentially unconstitutional) actions by Government agencies may be defensible both morally, and under whistleblower laws, if he felt that he had no other recourse (even though he actually did). That he deliberately acquired, and then released, huge quantities of unrelated classified information...
Point taken. I happen to really enjoy reading TS, even when I completely disagree with him, so that probably skewed my interpretation of the comment too.
Definitely. If the board goes so PC that humor is outlawed then we have been defeated by the trolls.
Basic physics makes it hard to achieve though. Noise levels in small sensors continues to improve, but with equivalent technology a larger sensor will always be even less noisy. Ultimate sharpness continues to be diffraction limited. Depth of field is determined by focal length, which is constrained in a phone camera by available dimensions. In optics, size is an inescapable factor so, however much miniature camera technology improves, those same improvements will improve...
By their different implanted chips, of course.
Moderates, you mean. To keep it civil (prevent personal attacks) and on topic. Not to censor opinions.
Of course he never claimed that @Boltsfan17 was wrong - just that he doesn't have the evidence.  
But his numbers seem well off for income-derived GDP  - even North Korea's estimated PPP GDP is around $40M, not $12M. And I'm confused by your comment. You disbelieve my opinion that the comparison is flawed, or my observation on using income GDP for that comparison?
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