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 If you do not regard the study as implying correlation between the two parameters then technically you are correct, but in that case the study is simply pointless, rather than flawed. 
 Your name and your statement are both logically incorrect, so at least you are consistent.
 I think there is a much deeper point, which is that two different significant factors are being conflated as one causal factor. Assuming that the study accurately distinguishes data usage as a function of screen size, the observation is fine, but the implied causal link - that the larger screen is the reason for the greater data usage - is not necessarily correct. The point being made in this thread is that screen size itself is a function of phone type. Cheap smartphones...
 How is Google good for the environment?
 I'm not sure why you were trying to import them in the first place, since your new installation had no contacts.  You could just have dragged the old contacts file over to your new library.
 A simple Google search (or equivalent) finds answers like these if you don't want to read the detailed documentation. https://discussions.apple.com/message/23525754#23525754
For backcountry (off-piste in Europe) travel and skiing you don't get signs. Also in low-visibility conditions. Or even just in many areas where the signage is poor.
Boot from the copy.
 When you spotted that, did it occur to you that you might have missed the point of my post?
 The whole point is that you don't know what is causing the problem, so you can't restore from a backup (except for your documents, music, photos, emails etc. - migration assistant gives you the choice). Applications and other code, such as 3rd party preference panes, menubar additions, font managers, all those convenient little helper utilities etc. need to be manually reinstalled. On the plus side, it will probably get rid of a lot of other legacy junk that is cluttering...
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