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 That's what it says. They may have misunderstood the concept of a self-sustaining economy.
 Quite understandable. Nearly everyone was in a hurray over this decision.
 Hiatuses work. Come back when you can though.
 It would have to be a substantially different implementation to work with touchscreens.  The screen assembly does not possess the rigidity required for discrete force sensor measurements.
 So why have you not enabled tap to click? Then you never have to click the physical button.
 Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point. The zip code is not useless for verification just because the vendor doesn't know what it should be. The zip code is sent with the card number to the processor - the transaction is declined by the processor if the zip code is incorrect - just like at the gas pump.
 The basis of the article - Schiller unfollowing Fadell - is certainly not news. The relevance of Nest to Apple or Google is the more interesting topic.
 You didn't read far enough then. In cases where the CC processors require zip codes for authentication (such as unattended gas purchases) then this law does not apply.
New Posts  All Forums: