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 Fascinating. I lasted a few minutes reading that forum but the sheer, overwhelming ignorance and stupidity was just to much. I couldn't find a single post that resembled a reasoned discussion. Who are these people?
 Right - but if you think of the longer phone as just being equivalent to the shorter phone with extra length added on, then any given element of the structure will have similar strength, but the overall structure can be subjected to greater bending moments for equivalent forces because they can be further from the fulcrum. Adding extra reinforcement to the longer phone (as you postulated earlier) obviously can make it arbitrarily stronger, but adding similar extra...
 That may be the explanation. However, all other things being equal I'm not sure that a longer structure is ever more resistant to bending, irrespective of how the forces are distributed.
The BB looks like an interesting design. I particularly like the re-imagined retro keyboard. Probably would have been a huge hit 10 years ago. I think if there were no iPhone then I would design one and become very wealthy.
 Is that like underail?
Having thoroughly derailed this thread with English etymology, can we please get back to debating the many ways in which Apple is doomed?
 I think they believe it to be a fishing term.
 Toe rag. Improvised sock IIRC.
 Phew. That was close.
 Yes - not used in "proper" English and you won't hear it from well-educated Brits, but common enough in some areas of the country, including London. EDIT: embarrassing typo fixed.
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