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 It is not a new word, but it is not particularly old fashioned. It is still in common use.
 OK - what I was trying to explain is that the back plate of the phone (where the cut-out is) is not a significant structural element when it comes to the bending mode in question. A rectangular plate is only stiff about one of its three principle axes - the one that is orthogonal (perpendicular) to the plane of the plate. It is hard to deform a plate in its own plane by shearing or bending. On the other two axes, which represent folding the plate (as is the case here), a...
"Whinge" is common in both spoken and written form. Doesn't seen at all awkward to me, but then neither does "maths". Probably just a function of the language you grow up with.
Not sure that's correct - in Old English "dive" was a weak verb. It has sort of bucked the general trend in becoming strong - mostly an American English evolution."Whinge" is a well-known British term for incessant complaining.
Oh - yes, agreed on the 6/6+ ranking. Who knows what the HTC is made of, or designed to withstand, so it's just an isolated data point, but with regard to the iPhones it suggests that Apple made more effort to strengthen the 6+ than the 6+.
Nice explanation. You should post more often than once every three years...
Why is that odd?
I'm also impressed that they followed up. What will be interesting now is whether any significant reports of bending in pockets (the original alleged concern) actually surface, since it's not really relevant if the only way to break them is deliberately. Given the measured required forces for all these types of phone, including the weakest (HTC), it would seem that even if it were possible to exert that much force within a pants pocket, serious discomfort, if not actual...
That's not going to be the failure point in that bending mode. The axis in question is parallel to the back plate, so that plate provides very little rigidity. The resistance to that bending mode is provided by the structural components orthogonal to the axis - the sides of the phone and the internal reinforcing struts.
Not at all - I think he said that he won't stoop to the level of rational discussion of the actual issues when he can just make snide remarks instead.
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