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 When you spotted that, did it occur to you that you might have missed the point of my post?
 The whole point is that you don't know what is causing the problem, so you can't restore from a backup (except for your documents, music, photos, emails etc. - migration assistant gives you the choice). Applications and other code, such as 3rd party preference panes, menubar additions, font managers, all those convenient little helper utilities etc. need to be manually reinstalled. On the plus side, it will probably get rid of a lot of other legacy junk that is cluttering...
 Yes - again, as recommended multiple times, you really need to start from scratch, with a clean installation on a clean, formatted disk. Then reinstall the applications that you need - don't just reimport all the baggage and preferences from your old system, one or more of which are probably causing these problems. This has been going on for way too long.
 I thought it was amusing, anyway.
 Are they banned, or do the kids just have to keep their phones in their lockers?
 Maybe, but these are actually activities where such a real-time display could be very useful. I think this will be one of the technologies that flourishes.
 I'm pretty certain that Odo is a Poe.
 It hasn't moved.  Preferences: Accounts: Advanced.
 If cleaning the headphone socket makes a difference, then that suggests that it is the problem. On the other hand, if phone calls work fine without using the headset, then that tends to rule it out as the problem. Those observations are contradictory. You really need to make a call (not with the headset) and get confirmation that you are loud and clear, and then, if so, hang up and try Siri. If Siri still can't hear you then something odd is going on. Not sure whether you...
 I've always assumed that the rampant Google bashing was what led you to try to balance things in the other direction, and your examples are valid, but it doesn't change the overall impression that you are much more a supporter than a critic. I'm sure that's all that drives the accusations by posters who genuinely feel that Google is actually rather evil. It's an inevitability given the territory.
New Posts  All Forums: