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 Most of the "analysts" who weigh in on tech issues don't even seem to grasp the fundamental concepts of their own business. I would have no expectation that they would understand statistical analysis.
 Did you do any assessment of image quality compared to a regular iPhone camera shot?
I thought it was the quality of the customers that distinguished the platforms.
 Some readers have raised the suspicion that it's not my real name. As a username, it generally ensures low expectations that anything I write will make sense. 
 You may have misunderstood the concept here.
 Thanks for the response, and I'd certainly be happy to check it out. Optimization, testing, trial and error was not really the level of detail that I was hoping for though, in comparison to the observation that SnappyCam was using new DCTs specifically tailored to the co-processor instruction set.  It's not that hard to speed up processing simply by discarding data.
I agree. I assumed that the poster was connected to the company, and I was curious to hear how they tackled the problem compared to SnappyCam, not how they did comparison tests.
 So can you comment on how Fast Camera achieves the necessary throughput and compression rates?
 Sapphire's high moduli and low strain to failure probably mean that it will never have that degree of flex. It can be produced in sheets - at least as large as an MBP screen - but it's expensive and such sheets are typically much thicker than GG (several mm). I could imagine a thin sapphire layer overlaid on GG for increased hardness, but their different coefficients of thermal expansivity might be an issue.
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