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This post epitomizes the confusion that arises every time material science issues are raised. Brittleness and strength are entirely different and relatively independent properties. Strength, itself, refers to multiple properties depending on the stress state in question. Toughness - usually referring to fracture toughness, is just one parameter that falls under the umbrella of "strength". You simply cannot conflate all these terms and then make blanket statements about...
It has a vibrate mode. The silent alert is a big part of the attraction, in my view.
 It seems to me that the fitness market will be niche (but could be a large niche), and the health monitoring market will also be niche, at least to begin with until 24/7 health monitoring becomes a way of life (it probably will eventually). The larger potential market perhaps comprises those who either already wear a watch and would switch to a smartwatch with added functionality, or those who would start to wear one again to get that added functionality. In particular,...
It's not a touchscreen.
 Absolutely. I'll go further and say that while they are sitting on that enormous pile of cash they clearly should not alienate loyal customers by charging for any Apple products.
 I wasn't referring to the actual access to classified material - the rules governing that have not changed much in that period as far as I can see, except for how it is tracked in some cases. To clarify, my comment on preventing accidental disclosure referred to accidental disclosure of collateral classified material by persons already authorized for access. I don't think that declassification has been driven by convenience either. Information cannot be classified (in...
 That is illustrative of the fact that camera use, per se, should not be regarded as a huge issue. The security posture, in most areas, is intended to prevent accidental, not malicious, compromise of classified information, so provided that camera use is controlled, and something equivalent to a DC review is required before the images are disseminated, there should be no problem. What you don't want is photos taken in limited or secure areas finding their way onto FB or...
Software disablement is now permitted, at least under our rules.
 That's not quite correct - depending on department and level. iOS devices are approved for use in some classified areas, even with cameras enabled. Definitely not in SCIFs though.
All cellular-capable iOS devices (since the 3G) have regular GPS receivers that work with or without a cellular connection. Assisted GPS simply refers to making use of cellular or wifi location data, when available, to improve satellite lock times. Once the GPS signal is locked the cellular/wifi data are ignored.
New Posts  All Forums: