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 That would be entrapment...
 It's available for POP accounts only. If you are using IMAP then the option does not exist.
 And if that's the case, then the microphone will presumably not work for any application, such as making a phone call.
 I agree that you don't post anti-Apple comments, but I think that at times, given the perceived tensions between Google and Apple and the widespread dislike of Google among many of the regular posters (which I admit I am starting to share in respect of their intrusive software), defending Google is easily conflated with attacking Apple. You are the most regular defender of Google on the forum, excluding the obvious Android trolls, and you are rarely, if ever, a Google...
As far as I can tell from the linked ruling, this had nothing to do with proximity sensors, and was instead about communication of available applications to receive push notifications. They still lost though.
 We've got a real comedian here.
 That's an interesting theory. If correct, I would expect them now to just keep talking up "better" authentication methods until they can make fingerprint scanning work for them, since it's hard to imagine how any alternative will be both viable and practical in the immediate future. If iris scanning makes it into a real device, other than for special security-critical applications, I think it will be a short-lived gimmick.
What is it about Samsung that appears to make them incapable of distinguishing useful from pointless and practical from impractical? Even now that they have seen how to implement a functional and largely seamless authentication method, they instead drone on about using a technique that makes no sense from a practical user perspective.
 Interesting. I thought he had moved on.
 We always aim to please. Now, perhaps, you could go back to amusing yourself, rather than cluttering up the forums with bold-faced trolling.
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