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By their different implanted chips, of course.
Moderates, you mean. To keep it civil (prevent personal attacks) and on topic. Not to censor opinions.
Of course he never claimed that @Boltsfan17 was wrong - just that he doesn't have the evidence.  
But his numbers seem well off for income-derived GDP  - even North Korea's estimated PPP GDP is around $40M, not $12M. And I'm confused by your comment. You disbelieve my opinion that the comparison is flawed, or my observation on using income GDP for that comparison?
Agreed - the comparison is clearly flawed. Rather obviously, if one is going to include the wages paid to employees by the company to derive a psuedo-GDP, then one must include wages paid to all workers in the country GDP for a fair comparison of "economic size".
If they don't understand that device storage includes core files, then it is unlikely that they have any clue what 16 GB even means in the first place. There are plenty of device specifications that the average consumer definitely doesn't comprehend, but that is not a license to invent their own explanation and then sue when it turns out to be incorrect.
I agree that it would be useful information (especially for other manufacturers' devices that hog a much higher fraction of the storage for their OS) - I'm simply arguing that since that has never been the industry standard description (which has historically been quite uniform) then there is no case to answer.
The specs don't say, or claim to say, how much space you have to play with - they simply describe the flash storage capacity of the device. Where does Apple (or any other manufacturer for that matter) ever claim that you will have 16 GB (for example) of space for personal files?
Unfortunately the US legal system clearly rewards this kind of behavior/action, otherwise they wouldn't do it. It's just a legitimate business opportunity to them.
Setting aside all the disputes about exactly how much space the operating system takes (on my iPhone, 2.6 GB is reserved for iOS8, on my iPad, 2.4 GB), this lawsuit flies in the face of the way that mass storage has been defined in computing for decades. The quoted storage is never the available space after operating systems, core files etc. are loaded - it is always the simple unformatted capacity of the storage medium. And it is available to the user - for use by the...
New Posts  All Forums: