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 I think he is actually trying to get himself banned. Weird. Anyone willing to do us all a favor and oblige?
Further engagement is probably counterproductiive. When someone responds to a reasoned set of points with a one liner that comprises the tired old fanboy insult and no attempt to address even a single point, it just reeks of trolling. The only alternative is simple rank stupidity, but I don't think that is credible in this case.
Ok - well if all you want to do is throw insults and blatant non sequiturs then no point continuing the discussion.
It's an interesting look at why the phone fails where it does under bending, but it doesn't remotely prove a design flaw. All structures will fail under sufficient load, and most structures will fail preferentially either at weak points or stress risers. So explaining why it fails at the buttons (which is the trivially obvious weak point) doesn't mean the design is flawed.That would require one of two possibilities: either the design called for inadequate strength for...
Obviously.Last day's stats...#1.SpamSandwich (36 posts)#2.pazuzu (35 posts)#3.Benjamin Frost (35 posts)#4.Apple ][ (21 posts)#5.Rogifan (20 posts)
 One of the somewhat unique and entertaining aspects of this forum. One never knows what obscure side road will be explored.
 Right - but firstly, no one has been complaining about the HTC One - in fact it is a highly regarded phone, and secondly, until now it has not been a metric for acceptance that a phone cannot be bent using ones bare hands. Somehow, the assertion that the new iPhones will bend if kept in a pocket (apparently no significant evidence of this) has been conflated with deliberate manual abuse - a fate that most, if not all large phones are subject to.
 I'm not sure I agree. If Samsung or Google do something related to Apple (anti-Apple commercials etc.) it certainly attracts articles and negative comments, but I think that news specific to Android devices relatively gets little coverage here.
 Oh - I see what you are getting at. I'm surprised that the central ridges (that would be missing due to the logo) are tall enough without compromising usable volume to contribute much strength, but I haven't seen the details. 
 Fascinating. I lasted a few minutes reading that forum but the sheer, overwhelming ignorance and stupidity was just to much. I couldn't find a single post that resembled a reasoned discussion. Who are these people?
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