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Which document? I don't think I'm splitting hairs at all. On the contrary - I would argue that trying to deny that the USA has a democratic form of government itself relies on splitting hairs, in its dependence on a narrow interpretation of the term that did not exist before or since outside the US. If you wish to make the argument that the USA self-identifies as not being a democracy then fine, but my other point stands that the framers of the constitution themselves...
Disagree. Mirrors and dichroic splitters are nearly 100% efficient. Lenses are a different matter, but no different here to any other arrangement for similar optical properties.
No, it doesn't mean that. Although the light path is split, the splitter is very efficient, and so approximately one third of the light hits each of the three individual color sensors, which are each as large as a conventional 3-color sensor. In fact less light is discarded, because the dichroic splitter leads prevents the loss of information that occurs in a conventional system when red light hits a green sensor, etc.. Additionally, the pixel density is effectively 3 (or...
Not sure about that. The description "representative constitutional republic" is used nowhere in the constitution or declaration of independence as far as I'm aware, and the background to the usage is as I described. Article IV contains the only relevant reference - in guaranteeing each state a "republican form of government", but nowhere does it state, or even imply, that such form is inconsistent with a democracy. Bear in mind that at the time of independence there was...
I've long been puzzled by the argument that the US is not a democracy. The Greeks and Romans used those terms interchangeably and, while there has sometimes been an academic distinction drawn that a democracy implies direct governance by the people, that distinction has rarely, if ever, been made in practice. Even the framers of the US Constitution disagreed on whether such a distinction existed, with only Madison really forcing the argument for using democracy in its most...
I commented several times on that, and I do have a couple of drones, configured for photography and search & rescue. The technology, logistics and regulatory challenges of using them for delivery are enormous, but it would be foolish to assume that it will never happen. As TS pointed out - similar challenges have been faced by other technologies that have prevailed.
 They were very popular. I learnt to drive in one. http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/History-lesson-Datsun-2013-07-16
Sandia is one of the core DOE weapons engineering labs - there is nothing secret about its basic mission. It has other diverse research interests of varying degrees of classification, including unclassified.
Oh - so it's the editor using it. That's why the editor is different on the iPad.
I wasn't aware that AI used Flash.
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