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 So can you comment on how Fast Camera achieves the necessary throughput and compression rates?
 Sapphire's high moduli and low strain to failure probably mean that it will never have that degree of flex. It can be produced in sheets - at least as large as an MBP screen - but it's expensive and such sheets are typically much thicker than GG (several mm). I could imagine a thin sapphire layer overlaid on GG for increased hardness, but their different coefficients of thermal expansivity might be an issue.
 Sapphire is much stronger (compression, tension and shear) and harder, but also 1.6 times the density of GG.  Not sure if that would be an issue for a watch, but probably would be for larger items.
It is a bit strange to have used the wooden look - I thought Apple had ditched that with the faux leather.  And the breakout is weird. Are we to conclude that Apple has developed a power supply containing no plastic, copper, aluminum, steel or circuit boards? On the other hand, I also completely agree that this shows a serious level of attention to recycling and energy costs.
 Perhaps you should go outside, come back in, and start again. And if you had been lurking here for very long you would have realized that your criticism was misplaced.
 I'm impressed that Soli even bothered to take the time to dismantle your dismal excuse for an argument, of which not one single aspect made any sense. "Breed unto themselves"? Like Edward Snowden then? And you think Apple hired this guy why, precisely? Obviously because, unlike you, they just couldn't figure out that his real motive was to undermine their security, or maybe they just didn't check his references? Just stop parading your ignorant presumptions about "the...
 It's out there, in a well-known, though somewhat worthless publication, and as a rumor about a potentially significant future Apple, AI would be remiss not to pass it on. The article does not endorse the rumor.
 I know what you are trying to say, but your argument falls apart completely if taken to its conclusion.  You are asking why it is not OK for law enforcement to break the very laws that they are trying to enforce in order to catch others who are also breaking them. In general it is obviously not OK to do that, and it's not OK for the criminals to hack into phones either - precisely because it is illegal.
 It's really not necessary.  The trolls are here (as everywhere) to annoy us and draw attention to themselves.  It's much better just to ignore them (which removes their raison d'être) and let the mods deal with them (which eventually removes their accounts).  Not as quickly as when TS was on their case, but eventually.
 No - I doubt very much that they have that kind of extensive infrastructure, and I'm pretty sure that these would have to be individual covert operations. They may bend the rules and run dubious operations at times, but they can't just set up large-scale illegal facilities that rely on the collusion of major multinational companies.
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