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Just what I was thinking. They don't block books about cannabis in those states.
The patent certainly indicates separate sensors for each color, and so the beam splitter is not losing light - simply distributing it between the sensors. And since light intensity is not wasted on sensors that filter it out (e.g. red light falling on a blue sensor element) as happens in a conventional single-sensor system, this design is theoretically more light efficient.
Exactly. They should not be allowed to patent a periscope¬°.
That's a bold statement, if you are referring to the decade that records indicate contained 8 of the 10 hottest years in recorded history, of which 2014 was the hottest? Can you support your assertion that the "stats were fudged"?
I didn't consider that. I wonder how lucrative it is.
I guess theft rates will be depressed even further once it becomes more common knowledge that the stolen devices are useless.
Amusing and apt, in a way, but note that none of the examples are of scientists misusing statistics. Analysts, bankers, journalists, surveys etc., all get an honorable mention, but no scientists. Which is not particularly surprising because if, as a scientist, one screws up statistical analysis, there is never a shortage of other scientists lining up to point it out.
Skepticism is fine, but bear in mind that those accusations were subjected to multiple independent investigations, all of which concluded that data were not being hidden or manipulated. I see innuendo, but little else, in your reasons to doubt the science. 
 Apologies - I didn't mean to sub-quote your post - my comments were in response to @melgross's general observations. I disagree with your assessment of the state of science in this field, but my specific observations were not directed at you.
I'd settle for physics that we understand first, but I'd be happy to see those too.
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