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No different to the subject refusing to divulge a hidden location, or the key to any encrypted content anywhere. It's not Apple's legal responsibility to ensure access to secure devices that they manufacture, any more than it is the responsibility of the author of a crypto method to provide a backdoor access mechanism.
It's strange - you don't know that this is even an issue, since all we have to date is very limited anecdotal evidence and a few tests that indicate very large forces are needed to induce permanent deformation, and yet you confidently assert that Apple must redesign or recall the phone. Not to mention the watch that hasn't even been released. It's really hard to take seriously anything you post these days.
No, what they are saying is that they (Apple) don't have access to the contents, and so LE will need to serve the warrant on the device owner. Nothing wrong with that.
Strawman. Don't do that.
Yes - as expected, they tested extensively and the design meets their strength criteria. Now, one can argue about whether those criteria are appropriate but, given the forces apparently applied by others to make these phones bend, I see no evidence that they are not.
Presumably, by this argument, anyone using strong cryptography is placing themselves above the law. Is it illegal to "place yourself above the law", whatever that means?
OK. Now you've read the details - bear in mind that this is a proof of principle demonstation, combined with an assumption that malicious apps intended to do this might get past the screening process. No demonstration of actual implementation, but an opinion that they would be hard to detect if the code were obfuscated. Maybe true, maybe not.In any case, if a third party website asks for your bank login details (for example) - do you think it is the fault of the browser if...
Of course I read it, and Hockenberry's blog. I guess that you guys didn't. My comment describes exactly what this amounts to - if you let a third party app act as your web browser and then enter authentication details on a website, it can see them and capture them. Don't do that.
 Really? There's a vulnerability if an app asks for your login details to a website account and you provide them? BGR really is a sad excuse for a news website.
 Definitely - send location on shut down would be very useful. An optional "send location at set intervals" would also be nice.
New Posts  All Forums: