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 That does sound like a hardware fault of some kind, but certainly no guarantee that it is the battery. Have you talked to Apple about it? They might be willing to exchange the phone.
Thanks for the advice. You may also be aware, if you are actually an MD, that there is a big difference in the physiological effects of cold air depending on your level of exertion, with racing events at one extreme of that spectrum, but from your post I'm guessing that you are completely unaware of the amount of recreational activity that takes place at such temperatures without injury.
Strange - I've exposed my iPhone to much colder conditions and never had that happen.
The added subtlety, of course, is that there is generally a difference between ambient temperature and device temperature, especially for devices (or organisms) that produce heat.
 And fortunately, these devices also work at negative elevations.
 Theodolite is an excellent app. In the US, the ScenicMap apps are very functional offline, and Topo Maps has the best set of USGS maps that I have found so far. Galileo is good for custom offline map production.
 Hard to spend much time above 10,000 ft in the Netherlands, I would guess.
No doubt the question was about commercial, but general aviation rules do allow cabin pressure altitudes much higher than 10,000 ft.
Not sure about that. I regularly use my iPads above 10,000 ft with no problems.
 Agreed, and that appears to be already part of their plan - at least the distribution. I've seen no word on charging for it yet.
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