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Synthetic sapphire in these applications is pure. Laminated, but the sapphire layers are pure. I don't think that's what he meant at all.
I'm sure you would, if you got to set the priorities. You don't however, so it's actually in your interest (and all other customers too) to prevent the ISPs from making those decisions.
I'm curious now - is there a particular reason why you think the Nature paper is flawed? Have you read it? And I'm not sure how you are going to find a peer-reviewed rebuttal of a study that was itself only just published.
What he and others are saying, of course, is "think of all these terrible things that could happen". The fact that those terrible things are entirely unconnected with the proposals under discussion, except in as much as some of them would become even less likely to occur if the proposals were accepted, is of no consequence at all. These posters either lack even basic comprehension and logic, or are spreading politically motivated FUD. Or possibly both. And they cannot be...
Nothing personal - just pointing out that your posts often appear almost entirely devoid of logic or reason. Even the briefest consideration of your latest argument should have revealed to you that it made absolutely no sense at all. If you stopped assuming up front that everything is some kind of monstrous government conspiracy you might see things more clearly.
Strike my previous comments - a little more digging shows transitions at 0' 17", 0' 37", 1' 10", 1' 43", 1' 58" and 2' 46".
 Before you try to think like a lawyer, I suggest that you just try thinking. Even just a little thought might reduce the amount of embarrassing nonsense that you post.
 Fascinating thought process you have going there. Currently, content does not need to be deemed lawful or unlawful in order to discriminate. But you see this proposal as bad because, under it, even though it would prevent ISPs from discriminating against lawful traffic, they might be able to lobby for content to be declared unlawful for their own benefit. Good catch - definitely a threat to the future of internet freedom.
None of the analysis techniques that I tried showed the splices. I think that the main problem from an analytic point of view is that the bit rates and depth on your original samples are being obscured by converting it back to the high resolution format of the composite file. Interpolation is hiding the lower bit depth, and there is enough information present that the entire file appears to have a similar bandwidth, with components present all the way up to 22 kHz.
I predict some group chanting of Mark Twain's favorite line on the subject.
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