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But surely it's as good as a done deal. A blogger blogging about someone else's blog says so.
Interesting. What about concealed carry? How did that work with those Kentucky rifles?
I don't think he meant that we can't feed the U.S. population.
Well that just shows that even after all this time I did not understand that a maximized application is not a real space, even though it looks like one in Mission Control. So yes - I only had one Desktop space. Thanks.
 I don't see "Options" in the Finder dock icon menu. What am I missing?
Why write ten words when two will suffice?
Are you arguing that no company that owns a store should be allowed to sell its own goods in that store, because it gives them an unfair pricing advantage?
Non-visible "fluorescent" spectrum? That's a new one.
That doesn't, per se, invalidate the agenda or make him wrong. There are many who would accuse him of negligence if he did not speak out on the issue.
New Posts  All Forums: