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A true classic. Is it for sale?
Well in that case, if a thief gets your phone and knows the (hopefully complex) passcode (very bad opsec if that happens, of course) then at a minimum he can register a new fingerprint and use ApplePay via TouchID.
What's required to register a new fingerprint? Just the phone passcode, or something more? 
Just be happy that you don't have to use a complex passcode on a non-TouchID phone. That requirement was recently implemented via the security profile on my business iPhone 5, and is an unbelievable pain in the ass - virtually unusable. Numbers, letters and special characters. Needless to say I immediately requested a 6. 
Actually I don't yet have a phone that supports ApplePay, so I don't know exactly what the options and procedures are if TouchID fails for a transaction. I'm sure that it starts with unlocking the phone with its passcode though, which should be a secure one on a TouchID-enabled phone.
He's just being contrary, as usual. I agree, I should not indulge him.
It seems unlikely, but that appeared to be the implication. I may have misunderstood his point though.
The former is a subset of the latter, so you are British. 
If you use TouchID then you don't, but if you are going to enter an AppleID, how would you do that without first unlocking the device?
Except he's British. Misguided, but British.
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