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 How do you feel about being on the same internet as them?  Much less secure than the uni-directional multicast network that is proposed here, which makes your concern the equivalent of worrying that criminals might be watching the same TV station that you are.
 At least 150, apparently. Not a long term space junk problem though, since they will not last very long in that low an orbit.
 You are thinking of geostationary satellites rather than low-earth-orbit. These are much closer (600 km vs 36000 km) and with a theoretical signal round trip of less than 5 ms the latency would probably be dominated by other parts of the network.
 Firstly - the reference to -2 F was clearly about the effect on components, not on the skiers. Secondly, -2 F is not at all uncommon at ski areas, especially in the Rockies, and, in the absence of high winds, the lifts will operate at much lower temperatures. I've had plenty of enjoyable days at sub-zero F temperatures. Thirdly, the temperature at Banff that day was not stated - just that it was much colder than -4 F. Lastly, no one suggested that it was designed to...
 It's not difficult to make electronics robust, but when size and weight matter, as they presumably do for this application, it would seem easier simply not to expose the unit to the elements. Either way, it would appear that they got it wrong here, and neither hardened it nor protected it.
 I can't really tell where the GPS unit is from those images, but if you are correct, and it is outside the goggles, then that would explain it but seems like a very poor design choice.
 So instead of explaining, you just guessed.
 I guess I disagree. I use goggles any time that it is single digits and below, and the temperature inside the goggles is definitely much higher than outside, even with vents. And even if you were correct and the temperature inside the goggles did go that low, why would the HUD still work, but not the GPS?
Looks like a useful device, but the review makes no sense to me. Where, exactly, are the components that were exposed to below -4 F? Not the HUD in the goggles presumable, since, firstly, that kept working and, secondly, it should not be that cold inside the goggles. So where is the GPS unit, and why would one ever design it to be be exposed to the elements?
 Yes - that makes sense. I think I've been seduced by the "artists" impressions that imply sleek, curved bands with integrated screens. Maybe next year.
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