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The point is that the product configuration should not be determined by cash reserves, or even past profitability. Apple is not a charity, and has a duty to its shareholders to maximize its profits, not subsidize its customers.
If you think that only "techies" own smart watches then you are sadly ignorant. And a nice little ad hominem to make up for your inability to think of any sensible or civil response on finding that others have different opinions to yours. Goodnight.
Having been using a watch for that purpose for the past year, I can tell you that from my perspective, yes, the watch is much better in many situations. You are reading those opinions here - are they less valid than the many people you have spoken to on this issue, or all the articles that you have read on the subject? And I think you will find that the asking price for the iWatch buys you a lot more than just notifications from your phone.
I think you summed it up well - though not ideal, for those who are accustomed to charging devices every night it will not be a big deal, while for others who are not, it will require adjustment and probably will feel like a significant negative. How many fall into those two categories remains to be seen.
You are completely free to feel however you like about the process of checking your phone, but don't try to project those views onto everyone else. There are countless situations when glancing at a watch is less cumbersome / less distracting / more socially acceptable / more discreet, and when a touch notification on the wrist is easier to detect and/or less intrusive than a vibrating or ringing phone.
TS - thanks for the links and graphics. The one that caught my eye, of course, was the Kates & Mauser paper from the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and I was surprised that I had not seen it before. Law is not my field, and I read it without checking provenance, but both the style and content surprised me. I’ve peer reviewed many papers for journal publication, and a uniform characteristic is a very even, considered tone, but this reads like a spin article. The...
It may not be exactly a hassle but, having been using a Pebble Steel for nearly a year now, I can say that I really appreciate that functionality. Adding the biometrics, ApplePay etc., that the iWatch will include makes it even more attractive.
I sympathize, to some extent, with your exasperation, but most cultures have their blind spots and some have to be interpreted in the context of those cultures. In the USA, these issues are intimately convolved with history, freedoms, the Constitution, and a plethora of other issues and concepts that many Americans hold dear but barely comprehend. Confronting this is akin to challenging religious beliefs - all rational argument will be rejected in favor of faith - but here...
I'd have to agree that, on the basis of what has been demonstrated so far, this technology is not new, useful, or even accurately portrayed.
I was responding to your observation that large numbers of weapons have not made those other locations safer, and I thought that you were using it as evidence that the same must be true in the USA. I may have misunderstood your point. The equivalent death rates are certainly relevant, but the argument from the pro-gun side is always that the US rates would be higher still if it were not for private gun ownership. That such an argument is blatantly ridiculous may be obvious...
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