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Your AppleID password is not the same as your phone unlock password is it?
The animations may be annoying, but I don't think skeuomorphic means what you think it does.
Because with a website you are interacting directly with the account-holding institution, not with Apple. The banks, not Apple, would have to set up a system (website or other) for you to enact these authorizations online. They could do that, but it's clearly not under Apple's control to make that happen.
I agree that you did not say all governments should be overthrown, but that is the implication of your statement, because your only justification for your assertion seems to be that a government agency is imposing a regulation. No comment or argument over the merit of the regulation, per se, just that it is happening. China censors the internet by restricting site and network access. The US Government does not, and nor does the FCC. Both are on record as declaring that...
Not really - if one applied the same slippery slope reasoning to their other activities then one would expect them to have done much worse than they have. The dire predictions being made here require that they have malicious intent and the connivance of future governments, which is obviously possible but really does represent a cynical and worst-case assumption. I still find it incongruous that people are claiming that a measure to ensure net neutrality is a precursor to...
AMEX are very good with those kinds of notifications, but none of my other card issuers have that functionality as far as I can tell.
I'm not sure that it should be Apple's responsibility to certify the banks - that might be taken to leave them with some liability if the bank screws up like this. It's the banks who lose out here - presumably both financially and in terms of their reputation - and that should be enough incentive for them to fix this.
It sounds like there are plenty of cases but I'm sure that the banks are not publicizing those cases. The headline was certainly open to misinterpretation, but the article makes it pretty clear that the fault lies with the banks, which have failed to foresee this issue and effectively made the authorization process the same as for activation of a physical card. In the card case, however, exploitation obviously required two failures - criminal interception of a new card and...
 I assume that you mean "straw man" arguments, but I didn't make any. The fallacies are all on your side. Your characterization of the major cause of revolution is quaint, but incorrect. The entire purpose of establishing a process of government is to serve the interests of the people and, while that has often been subverted, the implication of your statement is therefore that all governments should be overthrown. Maybe you believe that, in which case feel free to say so...
He may or may not turn out to be wrong, but he provides no reasoning or evidence for his assertions, and refuses to even to engage in discussion (the homework clause). An entirely unsupported prediction is indistinguishable from a random guess and, in this context, equally pointless.
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