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 One thing that still bugs me - I read your comment and immediately ads for Nissan Cargo Vans started appearing on the AI pages.
 But that was my point - these worst-case scenarios are floated nearly every time a regulation is proposed these days, and even, sometimes, when one isn't, but never actually transpire. Those outcomes are not the norm. Do you have any examples? Assuming that you are talking about the proposal, I don't understand your last sentence.
I don't disagree that those other issues are serious, but this discussion was about what it would take to get past the Apple Pay security measures. And it is only game over if you don't realize what has happened and wipe the device remotely.
And if that were the only difference between the two then the Watch would probably fail. 
 Yes I trust that language, but I also recognize that we have an elected government to keep them in check if they attempt to go to far. There are all kinds of things the FCC could do, in theory, but haven't. Radio licenses are required to broadcast on restricted frequencies -  a reasonable requirement implemented everywhere to allow frequency coordination and prevent chaos. You don't need a license to listen to radio, or watch television. You don't need a license for...
A true classic. Is it for sale?
Well in that case, if a thief gets your phone and knows the (hopefully complex) passcode (very bad opsec if that happens, of course) then at a minimum he can register a new fingerprint and use ApplePay via TouchID.
What's required to register a new fingerprint? Just the phone passcode, or something more? 
Just be happy that you don't have to use a complex passcode on a non-TouchID phone. That requirement was recently implemented via the security profile on my business iPhone 5, and is an unbelievable pain in the ass - virtually unusable. Numbers, letters and special characters. Needless to say I immediately requested a 6. 
Actually I don't yet have a phone that supports ApplePay, so I don't know exactly what the options and procedures are if TouchID fails for a transaction. I'm sure that it starts with unlocking the phone with its passcode though, which should be a secure one on a TouchID-enabled phone.
New Posts  All Forums: