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I suspect that the charging times using inductive coupling would be substantially higher - that may be a significant factor in choosing to stick with a conventional wired connection for now.
And the degree of devotion is measured by how often a device requires connecting to a power source? You must be a complete slave to any wired devices that you own, in that case. What a meaningless, stupid response. I suspect that the OP at least had a practical issue in mind.
Is that a comment, or your signature?
Why, exactly, is charging it each night a deal breaker?
What you are missing is that we are in the midst of a trolling frenzy of biblical proportions, in which the ability of these creatures to distinguish contentious from totally absurd goes completely out the window. In the past the magnitude seems to have correlated with the subsequent success of the products involved, which portends well for the latest stuff.
I don't think the size will be an issue. Typical Rolex sports watches, for example, are around 40 mm in diameter, and vary from 10 to 15 mm thick. Those dimensions are common for modern watches. In terms of smart watches, the Pebble steel, which does not feel at all large, is 40 mm tall and also 11 mm thick. Thin minimalist designs may be appealing, but are simply unrealistic with the energy storage technology currently available. There is also nothing wrong with charging...
Pay attention. It's reversible.
Correct - no color. If Apple have managed to get reasonable battery life with a color display then that will be a game changer.
So, you took it back after two days, after finding that the battery lasted 5 days? Would you like to reconsider your story?
On the issue of battery life versus display, Pebble has, for the most part, succeeded. The display is always on, easily readable outdoors and indoors, and the battery life is 5 days. It does have far fewer functions than those anticipated for the iWatch, however.
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