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It's a matter of opportunity, not inevitability. To take advantage of the privilege you still have to have some talent and ability, and the willingness to work with it. That you, apparently, do not, does not imply that the privilege does not exist.
Fleeing the country was triggered by the discovery of his bulk file downloading activities, which led to awkward questions being asked at work. But yes - he knew what he was accessing.
 Numerous studies have investigated historical rates over a range of timescales. NASA has a quite good summary of the topic, with extensive references. Page 3 addresses rate anomalies. Also, Mann et al. published a quite comprehensive description of proxy-based temperature reconstructions to extend more recent historical data: Mann, M. E., Zhang, Z., Hughes, M. K., Bradley, R. S., Miller, S. K., Rutherford, S., & Ni, F. (2008). Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric...
You are getting worse. Pointing out that your comment was stupid cannot be a non sequitur, since it involves no deductive argument. And the comment to which you were responding was not, by any stretch of the imagination, diversionary, it was directly on topic and in response to the preceding discussion.
I see - so rather than explain why you disagree with that observation (which is, in fact, quite accurate, but no matter), you decided to make a stupid one of your own. And then deflect criticism by pointing fingers elsewhere. Very mature and helpful.
That's a silly comment that adds nothing to the discussion. He did not divulge information to the UK Government.
It's not inconceivable that someone would want to expose what they felt was illegal government surveillance. It's inconceivable, to me, anyway, that they would go about it as Snowden did.
That's a non-sequitur and straw man rolled into one. No - it was a simple, pragmatic observation.
Why would you suppose that? Look back a few posts and you will see that I have significant reservations about the scope of the data collection, and that is why I stated above that I would have had no issue if Snowden had acted as an honest whistleblower. But two wrongs do not make a right.
New Posts  All Forums: