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That would be in your previous post:
 Maybe, but the main difference with colors is that they show the color directly in the Finder, not just when tags are viewed. I can't think of how to do that with text tags.  So if one can't distinguish colors then fine, one can use just text tags, but to complain that the additional functionality of colors should not be available just because some people can't use them does not seem reasonable.
My comment was unrelated to whether aggressive data gathering will continue to whatever extent they can - I'm sure it will. It was about whether they are in a position to bend the lawmaking process to their will.
 I'll second that. As well as benefiting from the extensive wisdom of other posters, I can't count the number of times I've improved my knowledge and understanding by taking the time to research a subject under discussion here.
 Agreed. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out.
 Completely agree.
 I think perhaps you misunderstand the relationship between the lawmaking process and the operation of government agencies.
 As I said, I'd replace repeal with reconsider, but no argument with your second observation. I'd go further and say that the political system in the US is broken in many ways.
 That's trivially correct, but presumes that all such data gathering is inherently bad. There are certainly conceivable bad uses, but there are also tangible advantages to the consumer, such as benefitting from crowd-sourced data, targeted product information etc.. I don't regard anonymized consumer data as an intrusion of privacy, and so it seems to be me that the bad comprises mostly hypothetical future abuse, while the perceived benefits are current and actual. An...
New Posts  All Forums: