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 The basis of the article - Schiller unfollowing Fadell - is certainly not news. The relevance of Nest to Apple or Google is the more interesting topic.
 You didn't read far enough then. In cases where the CC processors require zip codes for authentication (such as unattended gas purchases) then this law does not apply.
 So you regard the fact that he deleted his Instagram account and stopped following Fadell on Twitter as insulting, and that it makes him a snob. Well no, that just makes you either strangely over-sensitive or, more likely, just a mindless parrot of the Android community snob claims made back in April. The latter, I suspect. Tim Cook was commenting on the junk market. If you believe yourself to be part of it then go ahead and feel insulted. You won't find any sympathy here. 
 Probably because you didn't make any arguments - you merely insulted Schiller, made a bunch of ridiculous assertions, and then regurgitated the usual troll memes regarding walled Apple gardens and open, benevolent Google. Your post didn't actually deserve a response at all, but TS nicely summed up what most of us thought of it.
 Agreed, but given what Apple would need to have done - either sell the zipcode data or use it to track down the customers' addresses by some other means, and then send advertising material to those addresses - actual evidence seems unlikely. I suspect that they are banking on the superficial similarity of the claim to a previously successful claim that did involve that full behavior to enable a fishing expedition. Still hard to see that passing muster.
 Does it actually work like that? Can one make a random accusation of data misuse without any evidence, and then require the defendant to prove, via a discovery process, that they did not misuse the data?
 But then what are you saying? That Apple needs to release a constant stream of half-baked innovations, in order to stay in the news? That's not the Apple way of doing business, and it doesn't seem to have hurt their ability consistently to lead the markets that they enter, nor their ability to maintain a very high public profile without stunts and gimmicks.
 I don't think there is a problem leaving an external drive on provided it is spinning down appropriately, but I would be more concerned about the reluctance to mount or eject, which may suggest a controller problem. Presumably you don't mean that you are using it as your boot drive, since that would not be ejectable.
New Posts  All Forums: