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Oh damn - our cover has been blown. Quick - I need a non sequitur to hide behind.
When did "we" come to mean "everyone"? "We", in this case, clearly refers to the FCC - which has taken over the accounts of all those here who appear to support NN. And you are still avoiding the subject.
We are aware that you are apparently trying very hard to change the subject, all of a sudden.
I believe that it was published, written in secret code within the ACA, of which NN is an essential element designed to subjugate the masses, confiscate their guns, force them to embrace atheism (or maybe it was Islam), and slow the Internet to a crawl which, apparently, will destroy space-time itself.
There is the 85 page document that they approved, publicly available, that sets out the proposal in considerable detail. Is there supposed to be more?
Demonization of the current administration has been a surprisingly successful tactic though, and that's a sad reflection on the intelligence of those who buy into it. This thread displays a microcosm of that mindset among posters whom one might have hoped would represent a more thoughtful and rational demographic. Net neutrality is not a hard concept to grasp, and it's benefits are obvious. If it has significant negatives then it's notable that the only attempted arguments...
That's an admirable and fair philosophy, but I cannot see that I distorted his meaning at all. The post in question was either idiotic or pointless. Take your pick.
 Since we haven't got Capitalism, is like to see evidence of that. However, we have many years of Marxism, Socialism and Communism which we can see have been abject failures. Then his statement was a total non sequitur. If he doesn't believe that we have had Marxism, Socialism and Communism then it has no relevance to the debate. Why are you defending this nonsense?
So which is it that we have -  Marxism, Socialism and Communism, as you posted above, or corporatism? And are you capable of explaining any of these "arguments" yourself, or just limited to posting links?
New Posts  All Forums: