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I guess I don't see anything in his post that is factually incorrect. Do you dispute his facts or his reasoning, or both?
At the risk of going completely off topic, the process of gravitational implosion produces a huge amount of emitted radiation, dwarfing any criticality-driven explosion. 
That was a well-reasoned response to his argument. 
Maybe I'm missing something here, but why on earth is anyone giving credence to entirely unsubstantiated claims being spun up in these paranoid blogs. There is no reason to believe that any of this bears any relation to actual policy, past, present or future. 
Different use of the term "critical mass" - gravitation as opposed to neutronics. The OP was clearly referring to the latter.
Thanks, but doesn't change anything. An implosion system is designed to achieve a critical mass, but the result of achieving criticality is a radiation-pressure-driven explosion. Critical masses do not implode.
This is a blog looking for page hits. It has no credibility at all in terms of predicting government actions.
Critical masses explode. But I second the basic concept.
But surely it's as good as a done deal. A blogger blogging about someone else's blog says so.
Interesting. What about concealed carry? How did that work with those Kentucky rifles?
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