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 It wasn't my quote, so I'm not cherry-picking anything. However, the context of the quote was clearly to support a previous comment that only a very limited part of the document contained the proposed regulations. It did just that. The rest of the quote (above) is also accurate, but did not pertain to that point. For which, however, you accused the poster of lying, taking quotes out of context, and making a point that did not exist. Don't you ever get tired of having your...
 No - he provided just one quote from that source: "The Republican commissioner acknowledged that the actual regulations take up just eight pages of the document.", and drew no specific conclusions from it. The quote is accurate, and needs no further context. And I really recommend that you don't try to do anyone's homework for them unless they are comfortable turning in gibberish.
 I'm not kidding and you, as usual, are not answering.
 In what way do those examples invalidate his previous quote? And in what sense did the quote misrepresent what Pai had said? And what did he lie about? 
Oh damn - our cover has been blown. Quick - I need a non sequitur to hide behind.
When did "we" come to mean "everyone"? "We", in this case, clearly refers to the FCC - which has taken over the accounts of all those here who appear to support NN. And you are still avoiding the subject.
We are aware that you are apparently trying very hard to change the subject, all of a sudden.
I believe that it was published, written in secret code within the ACA, of which NN is an essential element designed to subjugate the masses, confiscate their guns, force them to embrace atheism (or maybe it was Islam), and slow the Internet to a crawl which, apparently, will destroy space-time itself.
There is the 85 page document that they approved, publicly available, that sets out the proposal in considerable detail. Is there supposed to be more?
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