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 I agree with your expectations - mine are similar. Maybe I have just been lucky.
I'm always a bit surprised at the flak Apple gets for these warranty issues. On the occasions that I have had problems, Apple has always, without exception, fixed or replaced the item in question, in or out of warranty. I've not known another company like that.
So true. Twice as much as the alternatives, I hear. I hope these new Mac Pros are quieter than a Dyson though. My original G5 wasn't.
Very strange. Works for me on my iPad, and in Safari and Chrome on the Mac.
Loads fine for me.
 Not surprising. That was always one of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories of the time.
 These confusions always seem to arise when wireless power transmission gets discussed. Virtually all proposed solutions are now based on near-field resonant coupling which, unlike signal transmission, suffers little from radiative losses and does not pose a health hazard. The near-field aspect does limit the effective range to substantially less than one wavelength; as the separation increases the transfer rate drops but mostly not to radiative loss, which remains low.
 Summarizing your assertions is not putting words into your mouth, especially since you continue to repeat those assertions in various different guises in each of your posts while simultaneously denying that you are making them. This time, for example, you state that in your opinion the iPhone is overpriced for its specs, but that others may regard the Note3 as inferior because of their hatred of Samsung. Not only an obvious statement that the Note3 is superior, but also...
Absolutely. I would say that if you had simply stated your preference for those features, rather than making blanket statements about the superiority of the Note3 based on specs then the conversation would have gone quite differently.
 Indeed.  Apple's dominance in a market with many other players (so by definition not a monopoly) arises precisely from consumer choice. If one believes that innovation is of prime importance to consumers, then one would tend to conclude that Apple must be innovating and, in fact, innovating better than the less successful players.
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