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I completely agree that the correct initial response, if they found the students behavior to be suspicious, would have been to keep an eye on them. But I still do not see direct evidence of racism - only the assumption that because the staff were white and the students black, that it must have been racism. The video certainly doesn't provide any direct evidence of racism - if you only listened to the audio you would have been unable to draw that conclusion. 
 Unfortunately Ross McKitrick is an economist with a self-declared agenda against the concept of AGW. If he were a scientist, which he isn't, he would be a bad one - he announced his belief that GW itself was a hoax and then set out to prove it. McIntyre (the first author on their papers) is a mining engineer who provided the mathematical contribution. Their Nature paper was, like many others, rejected for technical reasons, and while they did eventually get their message...
 Well then, no - then you have completely misunderstood the use of the word in the context of science, where it simply means that the bulk of the studies conducted on a particular topic have reached similar conclusions and peer review has not brought those conclusions into question. There is nothing "belief" based about it. And regarding your "sizable minority of skeptics", well that's excellent, and no doubt you can provide some links to their scientific work, as opposed...
 I would have characterized the situation slightly differently - I would say that every trick in the book is being used to discredit the science.
 Oh - apologies - I thought that you were familiar with this subject area. The absorption spectrum indicates relative absorption as a function of wavenumber or frequency. The fact that a particular wavenumber is within an absorption band does not mean that all energy at that frequency is absorbed, and the fact that the absorption spectra overlap would only mean that more CO2 made no difference if the water vapor were already absorbing all the radiation at those frequencies...
That's definitely the answer - a credit check required before being allowed into an Apple Store.¡
Completely agree - I'm not suggesting that there is evidence that it is not racism either- for all I know the local clan of Australian white supremacists might run that store. But the assumption of racism is unsupported in the absence of further information and I'm just pointing out that while, from the video, it is clear that they were profiling on something, there is no direct evidence that it was race. As I mentioned, white kids get treated like that too on occasion.
So you would say that white kids never get asked to leave stores if the employees think that they are behaving suspiciously?
But - it is not necessarily reasonable to assume that racism was behind this incident either. It's quite possible that they have asked white or black kids to leave previously, but that this attracted attention because it was videoed. Racism generally manifests as a pattern of behavior, and one incident, with no overt racist aspects, does not imply a pattern.
Coral effects are relevant to climate change because they are all part of the same conspiracy? I'm sorry - if you can't keep this discussion to the scientific issues at hand then it becomes pointless very quickly. The other article is interesting, but without the full Nature paper I'm not sure what to think, since the summary on phys.org is rather contradictory.  ​That is in line with conventional paleoclimatology, but then later we read:  Unfortunately the article here...
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