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Not sure how to take that. I was being trolled, and called it out.
My non-response to what? And, since you clearly didn't answer my question, what was there for me to acknowledge? You do realize, I assume, that there is an expectation that what you write should make at least some sense.
 It's certainly a good thing that conservatives are not offended by gay marriage. That would really create problems.
But think of the horrible mental images that would torture you and those poor children for the rest of your lives.
Very neat. I currently only need it for one ass (although this thread seems to be spawning a number of potential additions), but worth it just for that.
Or more specifically, in this case, because Christian Conservatives were the architects of this law.
Maybe so. In which case it just goes to show that an idiot can be very popular in certain circles.
Not sure that they are idiots. I think that they are shrewd enough to know what plays well with the unthinking, conservative base of their party but, for some reason, unable to realize that the base is just too small for those views to be held by an electable candidate.
Since you have started talking to yourself in public, now might also be a good time to cut your losses and stop posting nonsense.
As a followup to your previous "no need for personal attacks" comment immediately above, this is, perhaps, a post that you might want to reconsider.
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