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 Oh - apologies then. Pub crawls by barge are hard to beat, although I never tried that in the Fens - just up on the Midlands network.
Gog Magog are the rolling hills south of the city, unless you are a golfer. And it's not a canal, it's the River Cam. That was home for many years (the city, not the river) until I moved to the U.S. Seems like a natural place for an R&D facility in the UK.
Not really wireless - just a different kind of adapter and, as noted, one that effectively prevents use of the phone while charging. For overnight charging, requiring just plugging in the phone once, this seems a very marginal advantage. The only place I can imagine it might be popular is on the work desk, where it can be repeatedly picked up and put down as needed during the day.
The user exists - that's just the text in the "Biography" field.
I'm not sure that anyone was claiming it to be a constitutional right. The question for society, at either State or Federal level, is should it be universally provided and guaranteed, as opposed to only available to those who can afford it? And, back to the free market concept, it is notable that no developed nation, that I am aware of, has made purely free market provision of healthcare into a workable system.
I thought the reputation number was just the total of thumbs up received. I didn't realize there was any donor weighting involved.
It appears to update daily overnight, rather than in real time.Also - you can check your own thumbs up posts on your profile page.
I think you just provided a clear supporting data point for my tentative hypothesis.
Only the mods can see others data.
 Oh right - those data are on the stats pages, in this case:  http://forums.appleinsider.com/pages/stats/top/range/all/#members
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