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Let's not get too carried away on the explosives stuff. The detonation pressure of C4 is up around 300 GPa, and so well above the yield strength of steel. It will put a nice dent in a solid steel block, but it will not noticeably melt or vaporize it. It would make a mess of an iPhone though.
In fact that particular usage has periodically waxed and waned for several hundred years. It is on the rise at present, most likely because of the gender sensitivity issues, and, while it has recently been deprecated as improper under the strict rules of grammar, it clearly falls into the common use category. Personally I think it sounds clumsy, but there is no good alternative. It's likely here to stay and you are right - whining about it is pointless.
 You didn't watch it, did you. They actually give a quite nice demonstration of how the ion exchange process produces toughened glass. It's not a coating, by the way.
I have a quadcopter configured for SAR operations, and there is no question that adding IR in addition to visible spectrum imaging would increase its functionality. For SAR use in the US the biggest issue currently is the FAA.
I don't think the units were ever the issue, but rather the indivisibilty of the building blocks and the observation that, with a 0.5 nm atomic spacing, we are approaching the physical limits of circuit miniaturization.
 We certainly were talking about current limitation - you brought up overcharge protection, for no apparent reason. With lithium chemistry the main factor determining battery life is charging temperature, so your fixation on internal resistance is not very helpful because it is only a part of the picture. Joule heating in the battery is proportional to current² and internal resistance (itself temperature dependent), but the cell temperature is also determined by electrode...
 Sorry - but you are confused again. If you disagree with any of the details of my posts, please state which ones rather than resorting to a purely ad hominem defense. Once I know what you disagree with then I'll provide some references for you to look at, but at present you are simply making vague statements of dissent with patently incorrect claims that you have provided detailed arguments. Also strange in the context of your previous post in which you claimed largely to...
 Fair enough, but note that overcharge protection is not the same as charge current limiting - different problems and different solutions. Anyway - the charging rate (current) allowed by the circuitry is determined based on battery voltage and temperature, and it is certainly possible that in some situations the 6 and 6+ can take a bit more than the 5 W charger delivers. But the point is not whether these batteries could be charged faster (which they certainly could if...
 Limited distribution? I bought my Nexus 7 on Amazon. There was no shortage of them and they were easy to buy, and cheap, which is why I chose it. Agreed on the promotional issue, but it's not as if they were unknown, niche items.
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